Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday/Tuesday, January 28/29, 2013

Targets: Today you will learn about and practice writing and REVISING. 
If time, you will also look at what makes a complete sentence ! 

If you haven't handed in your plot maps and reading guide for the short story, do it RIGHT AWAY. 

Pick up your composition book and a half-page exercise (in front of your black file crate).
1. iWriteRight:  Complete the Editing and Suggesting Revisions Exercise and tape it into your composition book. 
If you have extra time, use it for iRead. 

[In case you are absent, ask for (or print off) the iWrite, complete it and tape it into your composition book.  Editing and Suggesting Revisions.doc
In case you are absent, or otherwise miss reading time, please pick up a reading make-up log, complete the assignment for each day you miss, have a parent sign for each day you miss, bring it back to class, and staple it to your regular reading log.]


the time we went two splash mountain

            We drove to california and went to disneyland  we got 

our tickets and went in.  We got on splash mountain  I felt 

nervous. When the ride started up  I got really nervous.  I could 

here people screaming.   I was really really really scared, but 

soon it was over.   i felt closer to my dad because of that.    

After that we went and ate hamburgers.   I ate alot of fries to.   

I will never forget that trip!!!!!!!


2.  Instruction about Revision and Editing    Revision with ARMS

3. Revision Exercise:  Computer Lab 211  Bring a pencil or pen.
MyAccess Musical Chairs

[If you are absent, complete the prompt on MyAccess.
See the document to download.
Revise and submit three times:
    Once for A.R.M.S.  Revision with ARMS
    Once for "Fingers"  And Fingers for Writing with Sensory Images
    Again to carefully edit for conventions (punctuation, spelling, capitalization, etc.) ]

4. If there is time --  Group Activity:  Silly Sentences 
Class A4 completed this activity.

  •  Each person will receive a word.
  • You will get together with three other people to create a sentence.
  • Create a four-word sentence.
  • You may trade words.
  • You may use words from the left-over bank.
  •  Each sentence must be grammatically correct, but it doesn't have to make real sense. (It can be silly.) 
  •  We will imagine that each sentence will have a capital letter at the beginning and a period at the end. 
  • Find a place around the perimeter of the room to line up with your sentence in order.  The sentences will make a big circle around the room.  
  • You have three minutes.
or 4. If extra time, you may play Grammar Punk.  You'll need a page in your composition book to keep your score.

Grammar Punk: My Points!

Extra Credit: Two Word Sentences