Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cleaning -- Thank You, A1!!!

 iClean  -- A1 and others as needed 
Cleaning Up:  Clear off your desks so they can be cleaned. 

  • alphabetize laminated test sheets (five students)  -- Carlos, Rachel, Carson, Kassie, Angie
  • clean up crates (five students  -- Hesston, Ashleigh, Molly, Kieran, Juana
    • A1  Take out folders 1-7
    • A3  Take out folders 8-14
    • A4   Take out folders 15-21
    • B7   Take out folders  22-28
    • B8   Take out folders  29-35
  • These folders can be used to replace missing or torn ones.
  • clean desks (two students for each column x five = 10) -- Brian, Micah, Jenna, Rey, Sydnee, Aaron, Morgan, 
  • recycle, take it down to the recycle bin (four students)  -- Tate,  Weston, Mitchell, Julian, jaeden, 
  • straighten up books and dust book shelves (six students) --  David, Camrey, Kyra, Siomara, Jeremy, Sierra
  • take down lost and found (two students) --  Benson, Scott
  • return library books (two students)  -- Abigail, Adeline
Where needed:  Braden, Garret 

Total:  34