Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Key for Review of Phrases and Clauses

Key 2 Review Phrases and Clauses -- Showing subjects and verbs.

__B = dependent clause___ 1)  After my friends have all left the party, I’ll help my mom clean up.
    subject = friends    verb = have left
___A = phrase__ 2)  Doctor Who, the Time Lord from Gallifrey,  travels through time and space in a Tardis.
      This phase is also an appositive, and could become a SUBJECT if used differently.

___C= independent clause__ 3) Even before the cold weather is over,  my sister and I will begin planting our  vegetable garden.

subject = my sister and I (This is a compound subject.)     verb = will begin planting

__C= independent clause___ 4) Harvey signed up for Spanish class, and he wants to take German, too.      subject = "he"      verb = wants 
__A = phrase___ 5)  I’d like to shop at the mall for Sammy’s birthday gift.
__A = phrase___ 6) Leaping down the mountainside, the deer escaped the cougar.
__C= independent clause___ 7) Please clean up after yourself when we leave the computer lab.
The subject is understood or inferred, and it is "you."  The verb is "clean up." 
__B = dependent clause___ 8)  Sally always eats too much sugary food whenever she stays at her grandma’s home.    subject = she     verb = stays 
__A = phrase___ 9) The pizza is in a cardboard box in the freezer.
__C= independent clause___ 10) While the rest of the family got up and went out to breakfast,  Max slept.                 subject = Max     verb = slept