Monday, January 28, 2013

Wednesday/Thursday, January 30/31, 2013

  • Today you will practice creating complete sentences.  
  • You will work on writing a fictional short story that follows the plot map we have been studying by reading short stories.  You will also use figurative language in your story. 

1)  iRead and fill out reading log

2)  iWriteRight: 

Group Activity: Silly Sentences 
Class A4 completed this activity, but will repeat it. 

  1. Each person will receive a word.
  2. You will get together with three other people to create a sentence.
  3. Create a four-word sentence.
  4. You may trade words.
  5. You may use words from the left-over bank.
  6. Each sentence must be grammatically correct, but it doesn't have to make real sense. (It can be silly.) 
  7. We will imagine that each sentence will have a capital letter at the beginning and a period at the end. 
  8. Find a place around the perimeter of the room to line up with your sentence in order. The sentences will make a big circle around the room. 
  9. You have three minutes.
  10. After the teacher approves your sentence,  write your sentence (legibly) on the paper provided.  Work together as a group to find and mark the subject and verb in the sentence.   Underline the subject and circle the verb. 

Extra Credit: Two Word Sentences


3) Writing a Short Story (fictional narrative)  -- preparing and drafting   

Scary Story Drafting.doc
Create a plot outline for your story and write about a half-page or more of a rough draft.

If you will be absent, ask Ms. Dorsey for the assignment.