Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Combining to Create Compound Sentences

Combine Sentences
Label this Combining.
With your calendar partner from the ______,
1.  Combine each of the following sets of sentences to create a compound sentence.
Use your list of FANBOYS conjunctions.  Use a different conjunction for each sentence. 
Use the "formula" with correct punctuation.  
                               IC, (coordinating conjuction) IC.                   

Example Set:
The dark scares us. 
We don't know what is waiting in the dark.  
-- Alvin Schwarz, Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones (2001)

The above sentence could be combined to this:

The dark scares us, for we don't know what is waiting in the dark. 

Set #1.  
A nervous chuckle rose up in me.
I refused to let it out.

Set #2. 
 I tried calling her as soon as I got home from school.
Her line was busy.

-- Nancy Osa, Cuba 15 (2003)
Set #3. 
Next summer might be better.
It might be worse.
--Scholastic Success with Grammar 

Set #4.
He shines the light in my face.
I am probably the only thing illuminated for five miles.  
Chris Lynch, Vietnam Sharpshooter, p. 171
Don't forget the pattern: IC, (coordinating conjuction) IC. 

Thanks to Jeff Anderson in Everyday Editing