Friday, January 18, 2013

Thursday/Friday, January 24/25, 2013

Targets:  By the end of the period you will 
a. better understand figurative language
b. better understand how to recognize a  complete sentence. 

If you haven't handed in your plot maps and reading guide for the short story, do it RIGHT AWAY. 

1.  Pick up your composition book.

2.  iShow-What-I-Know:  Take a quiz on complete sentences. 
          Pick up a test and your own scantron sheet. 
          Carefully read the directions and questions.
          Mark your answers on the scantron. 
          Do not make any stray marks on the scantron.
          Bring your scantron up to the teacher to scan. 

3.  iLearn/iRead
          If your score on your test was an 8 or above, you may read your choice of materials. 
          If your score on your test was below an 8, carefully study the page available about complete sentences. 
4.  Quiz on Protagonist and Antagonist 

The Bronte Sisters and Zombies?  
5. Review of Figurative Language (take notes) and iCompete.
A1/A3 Finished 
A4 "through writhed in a horrible curtain," then played again. 

6.  iLearn: More on Sentences 
          a.  Review of sentence "rules"

 Group Activity:  Silly Sentences
Class A4 completed this activity.

  •  Each person will receive a word.
  • You will get together with three other people to create a sentence.
  • Create a four-word sentence.
  • You may trade words.
  • You may use words from the left-over bank.
  •  Each sentence must be grammatically correct, but it doesn't have to make real sense. (It can be silly.) 
  •  We will imagine that each sentence will have a capital letter at the beginning and a period at the end. 
  • Find a place around the perimeter of the room to line up with your sentence in order.  The sentences will make a big circle around the room.  
  • You have three minutes.
7. If extra time, play Grammar Punk.  You'll need a page in your composition book to keep your score.

Grammar Punk: My Points!

Extra Credit: Two Word Sentences