Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 7/8, 2013

Important Reminders and Announcements:

1.  Today you will take the practice test  on your prefixes and suffixes. The last-chance test will be given next time in class. 
In case you've lost yours, here is the

Prefixes and Suffixes Chart 2011   -- This is a file to download.

Know the word parts, meanings, and at least one example for each. 

2.  Today there will be more instruction on writing a complete paragraph, with emphasis on comparing and contrasting, and you will take a final test on that. 
The final paragraph Test will be next time. 

3. Your Basic 8, Book 4 project is due today (A-Day classes)  or tomorrow (B-Day classes).  Have it ready to hand in.   
---You will be allowed to hand it in Tuesday or Wednesday for late points, but no later than that. 
  Here is your assignment:  Fantasy-Sci Fi BOM Assignment 2012-12.doc

4. Make sure you've completed and handed in any late or revised assignments by yesterday, January 7th, which was the last day to hand in late or revised work for Term 2.  
5. If you still haven't presented your Basic 8, Book 3 assignment (symbolic story representation), arrange to stay after school on Tuesday, or (if you have a D or F, you may be able to present it during Cave Time. 
6. Because this is INTERVENTION WEEK, cave time is reserved for those with D's and F's. 

7. Late Work Checked 

If you complete a quiz on Edmodo, you must let me know so I can add it to your points.  Either email me or hand in a hard-copy note on a half or full sheet of paper. 


Turn in your Basic 8, Book #3 assessment. 

1) iRead:  Individual Reading and Fill Out Your Reading Log

2a) iWrite:   -- January 7/8, 2013 Contrasting Candies
Contrast the two pieces of candy you are given.  
  • Do the best you can to create an effective contrasting paragraph.  
  • Include a topic sentence, at least three effective details, and a concluding sentence.  
  • Use your paragraph rubric to improve this paragraph.             Rubric for your paragraph test  
    7 Grade Semester 1 Writing Rubric Student Revised.doc

Write legibly.   

2b)  Peer review 

3) iShow-What-I-Know:  Take the Prefix/Suffix Practice Test.
If you get an 18, 19, or 20 out of 20 on this test, you will not be required to take the test next time. 

Make sure you spell each word part with its hyphen.
Examples: anti- ,    -ize
4a)  iWrite Again:  Contrasting Holidays 
Create an effective paragraph about one aspect of holidays for which you can show contrast between the two holidays you selected a few class-times ago.  See your composition book for December 10/11 and turn your notes into a paragraph. 
4b)  Peer review