Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 17/18, 2013, Thursday/Friday

iWriteRight:    Exercise for subject-verb agreement:  Copy the following sentences into your composition book,  and then make needed corrections:  (Do not change verb tense.)

1)  There is also magical creatures.

2) The characters was another thing I liked. 

3)  Each of the characters are completely different.  

4) They decides to go to the new candy store that just opened down the street form there school.

Corrections for iWrite/Right Jan. 17/18, 2013

iRead and iLearn:  
Finish "The Smallest Dragon Boy"  (25 - 30 minutes)
Page  47 in your Elements of Literature textbook. 
If you are absent, you can read the story at  this link. 

Graphic Organizer for Plot (Outline Not Yet Filled In)

Fill out the plot map for the story and hand it in. 
 A1  top of page 49  3:38,   page 49 bottom of first column, top of second column 5:46? 
A3  p. 50 "It puzzled Kevan how his father. . . . "  10:44
A4  p. 50 top of first column  -- 7:48
B7    15:47  page 53, column 1, Third paragraph 
B8   14:58 top of page 53, column 1.

iRead and iLearn:  
Receive a Reading Guide for "Three Skeleton Key"  (32 minutes)
page 65
Follow the directions on the Reading Guide. 

  • Complete steps 1, 2, and 3 BEFORE YOU READ.
  • Listen to and read along with the short story, “Three Skeleton Key” by George C. Toudouze.
A1  15:02  end of second paragraph on page 71  "every rat leaped to attack. . "
A3  15:21  end of third paragraph on page 71 "bronze set in granite"
A4  16:16  bottom of page 71, 1st column, ended at "prisoners of a horde of starving rats" 
B7  21:08  page 73, column 1, to fifth paragraph 
B8  24:44  page 74, to the last paragraph  

Follow the directions on the Reading Guide.
If you are absent, you can read the story here. 
Here is the reading guide we used today.  Download it by clicking here:
Three Skeleton Key Reading Guide.doc

Extra Credit Opportunity