Seventh Grade Core

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State Core for Parents and Students


Summative:  May _______________


     I am enthusiastic about our new core  because it focuses more than previous cores have on real world skills and understandings.   As we apply it, we are being encouraged and supported in applying best-teaching practices, and in selecting materials and resources appropriate to our students.  By the way, the reading materials we use as we teach the standards are selected as a department or as individual teachers, not dictated by any outside entity.

     Please note that the State Core test will be given in Ms. Dorsey's seventh grade English classes on  ____  and ___ of 2020.    Encourage your student to be here, to be well rested, to have eaten a healthy breakfast (and lunch), and to bring clear bottle of water.

     The test will be taken online for our language arts classes.   Thanks.

Reading Levels and Grade Levels:

Typical Text Measures, by Grade

Text Demand Study 2009
25th percentile to 75th percentile (IQR)
2012 CCSS Text Measures* stretch band
1230L to 420L190L to 530L
2450L to 570L420L to 650L
3600L to 730L520L to 820L
4640L to780L740L to 940L
5730L to 850L830L to 1010L
6860L to 920L925L to 1070L
7880L to 960L970L to 1120L
8900L to 1010L1010L to 1185L
9960L to 1110L1050L to 1260L
10920L to 1120L1080L to 1335L
11 and 121070L to 1220L1185L to 1385L

Typical Reader Measures, by Grade

GradeReader Measures, Mid-Year
25th percentile to 75th percentile (IQR)
1Up to 280L
2230L to 580L
3360L to 720L
4480L to 830L
5620L to 950L
6690L to 1020L
7780L to 1090L
8820L to 1140L
9880L to 1170L
10920L to 1200L
11940L to 1210L
12950L to 1220L