Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Theme and Main Idea

Looking at theme and main idea.  

Television Literature?

The main idea is the most important idea about a topic.  The theme is the message of lesson the author would like you to learn or know about. 

from Abby Klumper 

Themes from The Outsiders

Themes for After Twenty Years

The true measure of success is not wealth, but character.
The man of moral character is of more value than the man who gives up character for wealth.

Morality  (or honesty or obedience to law)is more important than friendship.

Long separation cannot keep a true friend from caring.

People who come from the same starting point may end up in very different places.

What sort of conflict is Bob involved in?
What sort of conflict does Jimmy experience?

November 1, 2013

1.  Quiet Individual Reading Time 

Receive a handout: 
Self-Starter for “Three Skeleton Key” 
      by George C. Toudouze

Step 1.  Look at the title and illustration on page 65.
Step 2.  Silently read page 64.
Step 3.  Do the quickwrite on page 64.   Write it in your composition book.

Step 4. Read through the rest of the worksheet, following the directions.  

  • Then listen to and follow along with the story. 
  • After completing the story, go back and answer questions A through E. 


Writing a poem -- "I Know Three Skeleton Key"
Your poem has four stanzas -- Each begins --  "I Know Three Skeleton Key"

"I Know Three Skeleton Key"
Briefly and powerfully describe four things you see.

"I Know Three Skeleton Key"
Briefly and powerfully describe four things you hear. 

"I Know Three Skeleton Key"
Briefly and powerfully describe four things you smell. 

"I Know Three Skeleton Key"
Briefly and powerfully describe four things you feel.

If you were absent:
You can read the story here:  http://www.scaryforkids.com/three-skeleton-key-free-horror-story/
Listen to a radio play at http://www.escape-suspense.com/files/three_skeleton_key.mp3

Here is the reading guide we used today.  Download it by clicking here: 
Three Skeleton Key Reading Guide.doc

Complete the poem assignment:
Three Skeleton Key Poem.docx 

No Cave Time Today in Ms. Dorsey's Room  

Just for fun:
Why didn't the ghost go to the junior high dance?

Answer: Because he didn't have any body to go with!   (It's usually spelled "anybody.") 

October 30, 2013

You may now Sign up for Book of the Month
Schedule for the November Book of the Month: 
Receive assessment assignment on November 5 -- The focus is on THEME.
Sign up by November 7
The in-class assessment will be on November 25

Book genre for this time:  Either Fantasy or Science Fiction 
Next book genre:  Either Fantasy or Science Fiction (the one you didn't read in November) 

Get your book out, ready to read! Individual Reading Time 
Hang your cube if it isn't hung! 

B2 - L.I.V.E. WEEK lesson 

Book Recommendations

Finish watchingThe Outsiders
B1 from 1:30:00
B2 from  1:17:17
B3 from  Rumble -- Socs just arrive 1:27:00
B4 from  1:39:00

 The Outsiders
Finding Support for Theme

     A theme is a message about life or human nature presented within a piece of writing.  It is a BIG idea, one that applies universally. 

     The theme will usually be brought up in several different ways within that story.  A story usually has at least one theme.  However, it may have more than one theme.   You won't go far astray if you think of the theme as "a moral of the story." 

Johnny says, "There's still a lot of good in the world. Tell Dally.  I don't think he knows." 

To:  #1   Courtesy and propriety (honor, gallantry) can exist even among the most lawless of social groups.  

With: #2   Even though an individual's choices may make a tragedy possible, the tragedy is not necessarily that individual's fault.

By: The Rest!

Check for Theme

B2:  L.I.V.E. Week lesson:  Achieve and Strive for Success
S = Specific:    Define what you want to do as plainly and as specifically as possible.
M = Measurable:   Make it something you will know when you're done.
A = Achievable:   Your goal should be something within your power to accomplish.
R = Realistic:   Stretch yourself, but be realistic according to your resources.
T = Time-Bound:   Have a set time frame by which you will have completed the goal.

Write your goal down and refer to it often! Place it where you will see it and be reminded of it regularly.

If you were absent:

Just for fun:
What do ghosts eat in Italy?

How do you make a milk shake? 
Sneak up behind a glass of milk and yell, "Boo!"


Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

Assembly Schedule for teachers with first lunch:
B5 -- 8:15 - 9:15
B6 -- 9:20 -10:20
B7 -- 10:25-10:30  (take roll, move to assembly together)
Assembly 10:35-11:10
11:10-11:40 1st Lunch
B7 -- 11:45-12:40
B8 -- 12:45-1:45

B2: L.I.V.E. Lesson

Class Activities: 
Happy New Term!     Term Two Goals
No composition books. 
No regular reading time, but you will be reading the articles in the  packet you receive today.
1. Reading: Reading articles in preparation for writing in computer lab.

2. Computer lab 211:  Write an argument essay

       a.  Please take the poll on Edmodo.
               How many hours of television do you watch per week?
       b.  Log onto MYAccess.
       c.  Select the prompt: The Effects of TV
                Write the best essay you can.
                 Use the tools provided.
Writing is the inking of my thinking.  
I don't know what I think 
   until I can see what I've said.

Argument Essay: Is Television Helpful or Harmful?

Login Directions for MyAccess

The articles you were given today:  

 Television Literature? (not necessary for today)

If you were absent:
1. Open the document

Argument Essay: Is Television Helpful or Harmful?

Read through the instructions.

2. Open and read these two articles:

3.  Log into Edmodo and take the one-question poll about how many hours of television you watch each week. Notice how your classmates have responded.

4.  Log into MYAccess.   http://www.myaccess.com

Login Directions for MyAccess

5.  Spend a half hour or so typing an argument essay arguing either that television is helpful or that television is harmful, following the instructions on this document you already opened:

Argument Essay: Is Television Helpful or Harmful?

At this point, you do not need to read any other articles -- only the two you opened and read as instructed above. Start work on your essay.  We will come back to it later. 

Note:  We'll finish watching The Outsiders next time.
Plot! and Theme!

originally published October 25, 2913

Saturday, October 26, 2013

L.I.V.E. Week at AFJH

AFJH will be celebrating L.I.V.E. Week which stands for “Life Is a Valuable Experience” October 28th-30th.
Choosing Happiness ~ Caring For Others ~ Doing Our Best.

The activities planned will focus on learning to make healthy choices, physically and emotionally, as we deal with everyday stress. Highlights include: Choosing Happiness ~ Caring For Others ~ Doing Our Best. We encourage you to ask your students about their activities and lessons about these topics!

As part of L.I.V.E. Week, we will be doing a Food & Clothing drive for The FOOD & CARE COALITION in Provo.
This organization provides many services to individuals and families who are struggling in Utah County. ALL non-perishable food item or hygiene items are gratefully accepted. There will be bins in the front hallway at the main entrance of the school for items to be placed in during these three days.
See more details about needed donations here: http://afjh.alpineschools.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Food-and-Care-Coalition-Donation-Letter-LIVE-week-info.pdf

Monday: Stress Relief
Coping Strategy Ideas
Deep Breathing
Visualizing a peaceful place
Physical Exercise
Good Music
Talking with Others

Have you seen the SNAP box?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sample Paragraph about TV and Children -- Transitions

      Television is a public health issue in several different ways.  First of all, kids get lots of information about health from TV, much of it from ads. Ads do not generally give true or balanced information about healthy lifestyles and food choices.  The majority of children who watch health-related commercials believe what the ads say.  Second, watching lots of television can lead to childhood obesity and overweight.  Finally, TV can promote risky behavior, such as trying dangerous stunts, substance use and abuse, and irresponsible sexual behavior.   Therefore, parents and others who care about children need to carefully consider the television viewing habits of the children they care for.  

--adapted from 
Boyse, Kya . "University of Michigan Health System." Television (TV) and Children: Your Child:. Regents of the University of Michigan, 1 Aug. 2010. Web. 13 Nov. 2013. 

What is Irony?


Tuesday, October 22, 2013


If Frodo Can Get the Ring to Mordor. . . .

CSI Answers for November 5: Commas and Adjectives

Conventions in Sentences Investigation 

Commas?  Where do commas belong in this sentence? Copy this sentence, adding two commas where they belong.

Label it "C.S.I." with today's date: 
Correct answer: 

 Cool (, ) deep (, )  dark blue water flowed through the 

rough limestone rocks in the gorge.  

You could replace the commas with "and."  
There is not a comma between dark and blue because dark is describing what sort of blue. 
There is not a comma between rough and limestone because rough is describing what sort of limestone it is. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

  • The term ends tomorrow,  Friday, October 25.  Teachers turn in grades THAT DAY!
  • Book orders are due by October 25.
Party time!  Today you may bring treats!  We will watch the rest of the Outsiders video.  

Have you handed in your Character Cube yet? 

Digital Citizenship

Turn in any Character Cubes not yet turned in.

For graded cubes only: 
Cut out, tape or glue, share, and hang (if time) cubes.

Clean up after yourself!  

Watch The Outsiders
B1 to 1:30:00
B2 to 1:17:17
B3 to  Rumble -- Socs just arrive 1:27:00
B4 to 1:39:00

Next book genre:  Either Fantasy or Science Fiction 

Maze Runner
I Am Number Four
The Roar 

Look under Science Fiction and under Fantasy. Note: Some of the assignment information may be outdated, but the recommended books are not!

Eye of minds cover Eye of Minds

The world is virtual. But the danger is real.

From James Dashner, the author of the New York Times bestselling Maze Runner series, comes an all-new, edge-of-your-seat adventure. The Eye of Minds is the first book in the Mortality Doctrine, a series set in a world of hyperadvanced technology, cyberterrorists, and gaming beyond your wildest dreams . . . and your worst nightmares.

Principals' Week

Mrs. Price
This week is Principal's Week in the State of Utah.  Tell a principal "Thank you!"
Mr. Johnson

Mr. Farnsworth

Appointment Clocks

Making Appointments   
  1.  On the very LAST page of your composition book or close to it, draw a big clock face with just the numbers -- no hands.   It should fill  a whole page.
  2. Move around the classroom to make "appointments" with other students. 
    • Find one other student and pick a time on the clock face.  
    • Near that number on the clock face, you will write your name on his or her clock and he or she will write his or her name on your clock. 
    • Move on to another student and do the same thing with him or her.   
    • Keep making appointments until all numbers have been used.   For each number on the clock you will have an "appointment"  with  one other student.

Themes from The Outsiders

The Outsiders:

Though  groups of people may be very different from each other, they still have much in common. 

We can learn to get along with one another.

Family love can overcome great hardships. 

Courtesy and propriety (honor, gallantry) can exist even among the most lawless of social groups. 

You can't really understand what someone else is going through unless you have "walked a mile in their shoes."

Loyalty creates strong bonds among family members or friends.  
Lack of loyalty breaks down the bonds among family members or friends. 

Lack of love and support at home can have tragic consequences for a kid. 

Parents, not a person's outside environment, have the biggest impact on how a kid turns out.

Looking at life as an outsider and feeling as though one is being treated as an outsider is a matter of perspective or point of view. 

We need to be careful not to judge others unfairly.

A powerful sense of connection can come from reaching out to others and trying to understand their struggles. 

Wealth can be a hardship.

We can be fooled by appearances. 

The less educated aren't necessary less smart than the better educated. 

Education can help us to connect to others.  

Heroes can come from surprising places. 

Even though an individual's choices may make a tragedy possible, the tragedy is not necessarily that individual's fault. 

Hardships can help us to grow closer to family and friends.

Not everything is black and white, purely wrong or purely right. 

How a person reacts to an experience depends on how they choose to see it.  That person can be hardened or can remain hopeful.

All beautiful things fade with the passage of time.

We need to preserve the hope and optimism of youth no matter what the world my throw at us. 

It is important to have an individual identity, not just a group identity.

Each person has choices about how he or she will react to circumstances and situations.

A person's choices may be limited by circumstances and situations. 
Class conflict is harmful and unproductive for all involved. 
Experiencing trials teaches us lessons about ourselves. 
Actions speak louder than appearances.
You can't always judge correctly based on appearances. 
We have more in common than we have differences. 
Sometimes love doesn't look like love to the one who's being loved. 
Setting boundaries is a way of expressing love.  
Family can be more than just those who are related by blood. 
Parents, not a person's outside environment, have the biggest impact on how a kid turns out. 
Focusing on superficial differences can lead to hate and violence. 
Working together against a common enemy can unite people. 
Under the right circumstances, people don't always behave as you expect them to.
Having outsiders and insiders in a community is bad for both the outsiders and the insiders.
Just because a person belongs to a certain group doesn’t mean he or she will act like the rest of the group.
We all need love and understanding. 
No one is so hard he or she doesn’t need to receive and give love.

Material belongings don't necessarily bring satisfaction. 
Sometimes we understand the least about the people we're closest to.