Friday, August 31, 2018

Mad-Lib -- My School

The Story

       If I were principal of American Fork Junior High, 
I’d put ________1___________ and _____2______________ in every classroom, 
and have the cafeteria serve ______3____________ and _____4______________ for lunch.  
We would have  "_______5____ and Tell” every day where students could  bring 
 _______6__________ and ________7_____ to share in class.   

Students would give teachers homework, like ____8________ reports about ____9________.   
Everyday in P.E. the students would get to play _____10_______________ .    
All of the teachers would be _________11_______ and _______12____________.  
Instead of getting grades, the students would get __________13___________ at the end of each term.   If I were principal, this school would be the ______________14 __________ school ever!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

C.S.I. Commonly Confused Words, Set 1

1. It's been a long time since my car lost its hubcaps. 

 "It's been a long time." -- That could stand on its own as a complete sentence. (It is an independent/main clause.)

"My car lost its hubcaps." -- That could stand on its own as a complete sentence. Is could be independent.

However, when you add "since" to "my car lost its hubcaps," that clause becomes subordinate or dependent.  It cannot stand on its own.

"Since" is a subordinating conjunction.  It joins two parts of the sentence, making one of them subordinate.

See Conjunctions.

"It's" is short for "it has."   The contraction can also be short for "it is."
"Its" is the possessive pronoun -- it shows possession.  It does not have an apostrophe.


2. Because I won two new backpacks yesterday when I went to the mall, I now have two too many backpacks.

  "I won two new backpacks yesterday" could be an independent clause (a complete sentence), but adding on "Because" makes it dependent or subordinate.  

"I went to the mall" ould be an independent clause (a complete sentence), but adding on "When" makes it dependent or subordinate.  

"I now have two too many backpacks" is an independent clause and a complete sentence.

"Two" refers to the number.
"To" is the one you use when you are going to something, or if you want to do something.
"Too" can mean "also" or "excessive, more than enough."



Thursday/Friday, August 30/31, 2018

Announcements and Reminders:
Don't forget to bring back your Disclosure Signatures with the VIP form on the back filled out.    7th Eng Disclosure Dorsey 2018-2019 Aug.doc
If you have it, hand it in to your class top wire basket. 
Don't forget to bring your composition book (and other needed supplies).  Link to more information: Welcome to English 7 2018-2019: Needed Supplies and More

Pick up your composition book! 

If you brought your composition book, make sure you have your name and period on the front,  then add your folder/computer number to the front.  You will use it today, then leave it in your hanging folder in either the black crate or the drawer for your class. 

Remember to choose and start reading your 
(a novel -- any genre) 

School Pictures will be 
       on September 6/7.  

Targets for Today:

I can write a variety of types of writing.
I can notice sentences and how they work.
I can recognize plot and other elements of literature in a short text. 

Today’s  Agenda:

Composition Book Rules
Do not tear out pages.
Do not be messy.
Do not skip pages unless the teacher tells you to.
Keep it at school in your assigned folder.

1. Writing Prompt:  in your composition book
In your composition book, last time you wrote on page 5 about "Dance Like Nobody's Watching." If you did not write a half page, leave enough room so you can finish that when you have spare time.  

Right after the half page you wrote last time on page 5, 
  • label the next prompt,  "First Day of Seventh Grade," 
  • add today's date which is August 30 or 31, 2018, 
  • and write at least a half page about your first of day of school this year.  
  •  If you don't finish writing your half page during the time allowed, leave room so you can finish later. 

2. Conventions:  in your composition book
Conventions in Sentences Investigations 
After the two writing prompts you did, 
copy these sentences into your composition book 
Label this CSI #1 and add today's date, August 30 or 31, 2018. 

Copy this sentence:
“I am a great believer in luck. The harder I work, the more of it I seem to have.”

Just below these sentences, write three or more things that you notice about the sentence -- English teacher sorts of things.

[B-Day Classes -- Take the Pretest on Central Idea]  Remember -- NO talking during tests -- before or after you finish. 

Book Talk

3. Elements of Literature 
Last time A2 watched and plotted "For the Birds."
We also watched "Lifted," but did not plot it.
B5 has finished only "For the Birds." 

More Elements and More Texts
Finish "Lifted"   Lifted
(Only one has the original sound.)

Plot and other Elements 

Let's go back to "Seventh Grade." 
Plot and other Elements
Work in small groups to fill out the plot map.  
A2 to here. 
B5  Lifted
B6  to falling action on Lifted 


If You Were Absent:

See above.

Write to the prompt and complete the CSI assignment on a separate sheet of paper you can tape into your composition book, or come into class during cave time or before or after school to write them into your composition book.

The worksheets we are using as we look at short videos and stories are available here: 


protagonist:    the main character in a story (usually the good guy)
antagonist:     the enemy of the protagonist (usually the bad guy or guys or things)

Conflict:  The problem -- the struggle between the protagonist and the antagonist 

Types of Conflict:   
Internal:  protagonist vs. himself
  protagonist vs. another character or characters
  protagonist vs. nature
  protagonist vs. the supernatural (the unknown)
  protagonist vs. society 

 Help and Enrichment 

Book of the Month Assignment
English 7 – Ms. Dorsey’s Classes

The Assignment:  This year, besides the books we read in class, you will read a book each month.    You will have some time to read in class, but you will also need to read at home (and in the car, and while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office, and so on).   Most months I will assign a particular genre for you to read.   You will select from that genre a book that has 100 pages or more, have Ms. Dorsey approve it,  read it, and complete a different assignment each month based on the book you read.   
        For this first month, you will be able to select a book from any fictional genre that is written in novel form.  Genres include fantasy, science fiction,  contemporary realistic fiction (including sports, romance, many adventure books, books about problems in life, and others), historical fiction, mystery, Western (usually historical),  and humor. 

novel is a long narrative, normally in prose, which describes fictional characters and events, usually in the form of a sequential story.  – Google Search for “novel, definition, literature”

September Book Project: 
Students will be graded on the completion of the book and their ability to discuss their novel in depth. 
Students need to be prepared to discuss several topics:
*summary of the book read  -- leaving out spoilers
*ranking it on a scale of 1-10 and  explaining why
* particular elements or aspects of literature that we are learning about in class
Where to find books:  school media center, classroom library, your home library, A.F. Library – or others, bookstores and used-book dealers, other stores. garage sales.

See the tab above for Required Reading to find links to lists of recommended books. 

1. September/October  Book Assignment
Date Due
Element or Aspect of Literature

September 26/27
We will hold the book discussions on these days.
Finish reading your book BEFORE your assigned day. 

Be able to summarize it and evaluate it.
Any Fictional
(a novel)
Character  and Conflict
      Who is the protagonist?
       Who is the antagonist?
What is the major conflict?
       Which type of conflict is it?
How does the protagonist change over the course of the book?   (Avoid Spoilers)
Does the antagonist change?
Types of conflict:
person vs. self
person vs. person
person vs. society
person vs. technology
person vs. nature
person vs. the unknown/supernatural