Friday, January 18, 2013


NOTE: Some corrections have been made. 

Old Mrs. Walker

        Once upon a time in a little town there lived a little boy named Mike. Mike lived in a peaceful valley. The valley was always beautiful, full of life, and green. It never snowed there. Each day you could see the sun rise over a far away hill and bring warmth and light the village. Everyone was always joyful and happy. Mike had curly brown hair and he was short. Mike lived in a nice beautiful house with nice carpet, wonderful tile, the walls were painted beautifully, and it has a really big and amazing chandelier in the living room. Each day Mike had to walk to school and home. While on his walk to school he would pass an old lady's house. Her name was Mrs. Walker. Mrs. Walker was a widow and lived all alone. Old Mrs. Walker lived in an old, run down, and broken house. There was no grass out side and the walls were very dirty and ruined. She had grey hair and used a cane to walk. Mike thought that she was as mean as a hungry rat. Mike was very afraid of Mrs. Walker, he always ran past her house. Mike knew that her house was haunted.

Rising Action 
        One day Mike was walking to school and when he passed her house he heard a horrid sound. The house was alive! It sounded like a  growling monster! He was not sure what the noise was but he was so scared, that he ran all the way to school. Houses can not make noises. Mike thought of what it could be. Everything that he thought of must mean that the house is possessed. It must be the house of an evil witch. Old Mrs. Walker must be an evil witch.

        While in science he got distracted and thought that he would be brave. He thought that Mrs. Walker could not be that scary. Mike had always thought that Mrs. Walker was a mean old lady. Maybe he could change his opinion about her because he had never talked to her. He thought that when he walked home he would go to her house. He would find out if she was really an evil witch.

        After school he went up to her house and knocked on her door. No one answered so he decided to walk in her house. As he walked down the dark and quiet hall some thing furry like a monster, brushed on his leg! Scared to death, he ran all the way up the stairs. Mrs. Walker's house was not as he had expected. It was really nice and clean just really dark. Mike hated the dark! At the end of the hall there was a door. He heard a creaking noise. Mike thought that what ever was making that noise was going to eat him! Something possessed him to keep going.


        He decided to walk in the room. With nervousness and fear he keeped walking. His arms and legs were shaking beyond control. His mouth got dry as desert sand as he grabbed for the door handle. He slowly opened the door, convinced that he was about to see the the most horrible scene no human being should ever witness.  V  As the door opened and his hand fell to his side he saw... an innocent little lady knitting in a chair! The room was amazing! It had nice furniture, a large bed, and even a shelf with tons of books. Mrs. Walker was not a monster or scary at all. Mrs. Walker just did not have enough money to pay to fix the outside of her house or pay for electricity. She was really nice.

Falling Action

        Mike and Mrs. Walker talked together for a little while. Mrs. Walker showed Mike her house and her pet cat. Mike realized that the furry monster in the hall was just her cat! Amazingly, after all that had happened today, Old Mrs. Walker was not an evil witch, but was harmless as a kitten. Mike realised that just because people are old and live in sad circumstances does not mean that they are evil and scary.


        After all Mrs. Walker was a sweet lady. Mike and Mrs. Walker became good friends. Now every Tuesday and Thursday Mike goes to visit her for an hour on his way home from school. Now they like each other. Mike is not afraid of her and he likes her now. They lived peacefully in the valley.

-- Abby R.