Thursday, January 10, 2013

QAR's Question-Answer Relationships

Q.A.R. = Question-Answer Relationship
Where do you look for the answer to a question?
“Right there” -- Is the answer right there in the text?
“Think and search” -- Do you have to put together several things the author tells you, and perhaps look at several different sentences or pages to find the answer?
“Author and you” -- Do you need to know what the author says, and combine that with what you already know?
“On your own” – Could you answer the question just from what you know or think without ever reading the book?

Examples from "The Three Little Pigs"   

Right There questions:
1. How many little pigs were there?
2. What did the third little pig buy? 

Think and Search questions:
3.  What were the three materials the little pigs used to build houses?
4.  How many times in the whole story did the wolf huff and puff?

Author and You questions: 
5.  Which little pig are you most like?
6.  Do you think the the wolf in "The Story of the Three Little Pigs" deserves any sympathy? 

On Your Own questions: 
7.  Do you look forward to the day you leave home to live on your own?
8.  Have you ever done a job poorly that you later wished you'd done better?

More QAR: Explanations for "Three Little Pigs" QARs

In your group packet: 

  • Summary
  • 3 questions, 1 each of three of the types (label which type) of QARs
  • Continue summary

QAR's from Historical Fiction Books (questions created by our students)

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