Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 3/4, 2013 -- Thursday/Friday

Important Reminders and Announcements:
Welcome back!  I hope you had a wonderful vacation!

1.  Expect a practice test and a final test on your prefixes and suffixes.  Use your magical study guide to prepare, or just study this chart: 

Prefixes and Suffixes Chart 2011   -- This is a file to download.

Both Prefix/Suffix Tests will be given next week.
Know the word parts, meanings, and at least one example for each. 

2.  There will be more instruction on writing a complete paragraph, with emphasis on comparing and contrasting, and you will take a final test on that. 
Paragraph Test will be next week.  

3. Your Basic 8, Book 4 project is due on the 7th (This coming Monday:A-Day) and 8th (Tuesday B-Day).  Have it ready to hand in.   

Here is your assignment: 

Fantasy-Sci Fi BOM Assignment 2012-12.doc

4. Make sure you've completed and handed in any late or revised assignments by January 7th, which is the last day to hand in late or revised work for Term 2.  
5. If you still haven't presented your Basic 8, Book 3 assignment (symbolic story representation), arrange to stay after school today or tomorrow. 

iRead:  Individual Reading and Fill Out Your Reading Log

iWrite:  A Highlight of Christmas Vacation  -- January 3/4, 2013 
1. Write for 5 minutes about one thing you did during Christmas vacation – one you could write about for five minutes with plenty of details. 
Write legibly.   
Write on every-other line. 
Genre: Probably Narrative or Descriptive or Both

2.  You will pass your composition book back one in your column for the person behind you to write comments and questions. 
(Your comments could be about something you have in common, or your reaction to that experience, or . . . .  You could ask questions about parts you don't understand, or about what you are left wondering.)  -- Put your name next to your comment.

Then it will be passed again, and perhaps again. 
3. You will get your composition book back, have a couple of minutes to  revise and edit (add to, clarify, correct) your writing, then 

4.  You will then meet with one of your "appointments"  for three minutes – 1 for each of you to share, and one to discuss. 

Did you improve your writing?  

1. Learning to Use Rubrics
Rubric for Whining!?!   whining_guide.pdf

2.  Rubric for your paragraph test  
7 Grade Semester 1 Writing Rubric Student Revised.doc

      Genre:  Compare/Contrast.  
             Your test will ask you to Contrast (show differences)

3.  Reminder of What's Needed for a Paragraph:

Paragraphs -- Let's Make Sure You Understand

1. Paragraph -- A Highlight of My Christmas Vacation

iWrite Right:  Next time we will have a practice test on our prefixes and suffixes.  However, if you do well enough on it (18/20), you will not need to take the "final" test.