Thursday, September 10, 2015

Friday/Monday, September 11/14, 2015

Announcements and Reminders:
About Cave Time 
Tame those grades!
  • Cave Time takes place after second period Tuesday-Friday -- from 11:00 to 11:30.  
  • In second period you will receive a slip of paper which shows your current grades.
  • If you receive a white slip, that means you have at least one D or F.  You must work on making up that grade by attending that teacher's class.
  • If you receive a colored slip, you may attend an enrichment of your choice.  Watch for posters  in the hall that show what enrichments are available.  Those posters will also let you know whether a teacher is available for remediation.
  • You must select one place to be during Cave Time.  You may not go from class to class.
  • You will turn in your Cave Time slip to the teacher whose activity you select.
  • When you turn in late work during Cave Time, the teacher may not have time to record it until after slips have been printed for the next day, so that D or F will show up on your slip again.  As usual, it is better for you to keep your grades up all along!  
     By the way, there is or will  be a late bus available after school on Tuesday 
    through Thursday for students who wish to stay after to work
    on their grades.  

If you wish to order books from Scholastic, the book orders are due by this Friday, the 11th, then again on September 30. 

Don't forget to read your Book-of-the-Month and prepare for our small group discussions.  See the handout you received for that assignment. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on 
Thursday, September 17 from 3:30 until 8:00.  

   Should you need a preview or plan to be absent:

What We're Doing -- Sept. 15 - Sept. 30

Targets for Today:

I will participate appropriately in class
        (Utah State Core Language Arts: Speaking and Listening, Standard 1)

 I can select and read books at my own reading level.
(Utah State Core Language Arts: Reading Literature, Standard 10)

 I can demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English spelling for two sets of commonly confused words. (Utah State Core Language Arts: Language, Standard 2)

I can recognize specific elements of literature.
 (Utah State Core Language Arts: Reading Literature, Standards 3 and 4)
    Specifically, I can recognize and write

Today’s  Agenda:

Pick up your composition book, and have your novel out and ready to be read.

If you haven't yet, you could sign up for your Book of the Month today.

1.  CSI: American Fork


    Copy this sentence into your composition book under Notes and QuickWrites -- with your other sentences, and list everything that you notice about the sentence, and/or you may label the parts of the sentence:

The ocean had begun its attack.   
                              from an article about tsunamis -


Noticings for CSI Sentence #

2. Time to read your novel for the Book of the Month.

3. Discuss the CSI Sentence.

3a. Drawings on Friday only

4. Spelling Test on alot/allot and because/cause    

       You may love this link: A Lot of Information about A Lot

Here is the recipe for the root beer cookies I would allot to you if I could: 

Note: Instead of using buttermilk, I added a tablespoon of lemon juice to milk.  Making any butter cooky a day ahead is a good idea because the taste improves.  I made mine ahead, kept them in sealed container after they cooled,  and waited to frost them until the next day.    

5. Next set of spelling words --

September 17/18:

6. were/we’re/where
We were happy to see you.
We’re going to lunch.
Where is he?

7. then/than
First we ate, then we played outside.
I like dark chocolate better than milk chocolate.


  6.  Literary Terms  --  About Imagery

More Figurative Language --  

Figurative Language


Lyrics and Spelling the words -- Complete this assignment.

Awesome Attention to Alliteration!
Tons of Hyperbole!   

Hyperbole  --   Hyperbole and Yo Mama!

The word hyperbole comes from --
 about1520; Greek hyperbolḗ excess, exaggeration,throwing beyond, 
equivalent to hyper- hyper- + bolḗ   throw

Collect  Spelling Exercise  
A1 looked at the definition of imagery, did the spelling exercise, checked it,  and told Yo Mama jokes for hyperbole. 
B5   did the spelling exercise  and told Yo Mama jokes for hyperbole. 
B6  did the spelling exercise and  checked it. I don't thing they got to the Yo-Mama jokes.
B7  did the spelling exercise, checked it,  and told Yo Mama jokes for hyperbole. 

Test on Figurative Language Coming  -- Unscramble Plus 

If You Were Absent:
  • Copy the CSI sentence into your composition book.  List as many things as you can notice about it and/or label the parts of the sentence. 
  • Arrange with the teacher to take the spelling test.
  • Copy the new spelling words and sentences into your composition book.
  • Study the materials about figurative language. 
  • Ask the teacher -- or pick up from the handouts box -- the handouts for figurative language.