Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wednesday/Thursday, September 9/10, 2015

Announcements and Reminders:

Do not forget that you have a spelling test next time on because/cause and on a lot/allot/and not alot.

We will begin regular Cave Time today./We began Cave Time yesterday.  
Tame those grades!
  • Cave Time takes place after second period Tuesday-Friday -- from 11:00 to 11:30.  
  • In second period you will receive a slip of paper which shows your current grades.
  • If you receive a white slip, that means you have at least one D or F.  You must work on making up that grade by attending that teacher's class.
  • If you receive a colored slip, you may attend an enrichment of your choice.  Watch for posters  in the hall that show what enrichments are available.  Those posters will also let you know whether a teacher is available for remediation.
  • You must select one place to be during Cave Time.  You may not go from class to class.
  • You will turn in your Cave Time slip to the teacher whose activity you select.
  • When you turn in late work during Cave Time, the teacher may not have time to record it until after slips have been printed for the next day, so that D or F will show up on your slip again.  As usual, it is better for you to keep your grades up all along!  

If you wish to order books from Scholastic, the book orders are due by this Friday, the 11th.

Kona Ice will be here serving ice during both lunches this Friday.  The cost is $2, and the truck can be will be found on the east side of school.

Don't forget to read your Book-of-the-Month and prepare for our small group discussions.  See the handout you received for that assignment.

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on September 17.

Targets for Today:
I will participate appropriately in class
        (Utah State Core Language Arts: Speaking and Listening, Standard 1)

I will show what I know about writing arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence.
(Utah State Core Language Arts: Writing, Standard 1

 I will show what I know about reading and comprehending literature and informational text by taking the Scholastic Reading Inventory test to determine my own lexile level.  (Utah State Core Language Arts: Reading: Literature and Reading: Informational  , Standard 10)

Today’s  Agenda:

1. Prepare to go to the Computer Writing Lab to complete a pretest on writing an argument essay.

2.  Go to Computer Lab 224.

  •      Bring a book or homework in case you finish early.  
  •      Bring a pencil or pen.
  •      Sit at the computer that has the same number as your composition book and folder.   
  •      Log in to the computer.

  •      Follow directions to log in to Utah Compose.  (You will receive your log-in information.) 
  •     Because this is a test, you will not be talking with classmates.  You will help to maintain a quiet testing environment.  
  •     You will have the rest of the period to complete the test.  You will not come back to it later.   You may submit one time, so wait to submit until you are finished writing. 
You must submit before you leave the lab.

2. If you have extra time, complete the Scholastic Reading Inventory test.

Lexile Band*

If You Were Absent:
Arrange with the teacher a time to make up the tests. They must be completed at school under teacher supervision.

Do not forget that you have a spelling test next time on because/cause and on a lot/allot/and not alot.