Monday, October 19, 2015

Tuesday/Wednesday, October 20/21, 2015

Announcements and Reminders:
The term ends Friday, October 23.
Hand in your leftover hall passes on Thursday or Friday!

Today is the day!

Book Discussions -- Book of the Month -- October 20-21

For this Book of the Month, read contemporary realistic fiction.
See your goldenrod handout for the Book of the Month Assignment.
You have also received your evaluation sheet.  On the back a place for notes (and further explation of theme) is provided.
The book discussions will be held on October 20/21. 

Common Themes.

Don't forget to bring treats to share with your groups!

  •       If you earned less than 70/87 on your composition book, you may prepare it and have it rechecked by the end of the day on October 14 -- extended to October 21.

Zombie Haiku Contest ends on the 27th! 

Contest! Extravagant (small, inexpensive) Prizes and Extra Credit

Book Orders are due October 28. 

Writing Paragraphs

Parts of Speech 
Parts of Speech 2015

More of The Outsiders and Argument

Begin studying for the Argument Vocabulary Post Test.
Quizlet for argument vocabulary:
(Notice that Quizlet provides you with several different ways to study for the test.)
Important Note: When we take the argument vocabulary post test (in Term 2), you will be expected to know ALL of the terms and their definitions. 

If you are absent on any of these days, go to the above links to study.

Targets for Today:

I have read a realistic fiction novel, and will discuss it with classmates, showing that I read and understood it.
I can find and explain a theme from the novel I read.

I can understand and write a complete paragraph. 

Today’s  Agenda:

     1. Prepare for book discussions.
     2. Book Discussions
           Change the "Assigned Elements" column from (1-10) to (1-12).

         Hand in your evaluations!

     3. Learning about paragraphs
             View the PowerPoint and take notes.
PowerPoint?  paragraph fishtank.ppt

     4. Write a paragraph --
                  in your composition book under Notes and QuickWrites.
                  Label it "My Fall Break."
                  This is a brief informational (and personal) piece.
                  It is fairly informal, so you can use the personal pronouns I, me,                               my, and mine.  
                My fall break this year was a wonderful (or invigorating 
                      or exciting or . . . ) experience.
                My fall break this year was a ho-hum sort of experience. 
                   [You may adjust the wording of your topic sentence  
                              to fit your own experience.]

          My fall break this year was a wonderful experience for at least
      three reasons.  First, I enjoyed being with my grandchildren,  holding
      a  smiling, laughing baby, watching the toddlers play at the Museum
      of Curiosity, and visiting with the older children about their school  
      activities and watching with them their new favorite YouTube videos.
      I also  got to attend an event I wouldn't have been able to go to on a
      school day: The Parliament of World Religions which was held in
      Salt Lake City.  Finally, I actually got some work done around my
      home,  including organizing a closet and beginning to get my yard
      ready for winter.  All in all it was a great long weekend.

   Write your own.

           5.  Peer check.  

If You Were Absent:

See above.

A1  Book Discussion Groups
Group 1
Hannah R
Megan H
Daisha S
Group 2
Gage G
Mark S
Wyatt M
Group 3
Laura F
Ellie G
Group 4
Laityn  T
Eveline Z
Samuel S.
Group 5
Kianna D.
Emma N.
Brynn H.
Group 6
Claire H.
Anna B.
Harrington B.
Group 7
Mia L.
Alix B.
Sarah M.
Group 8
Adeleigh W.
Makailee T.
Erica W.
Group 9
Brandon G.
Ryan G.
Keileigh A.

McKenzie W.

Group 10
Sarie R.
Daniel A.
Sage T.

Savanna S.

Change the "Assigned Elements" column from (1-10) to (1-12).
B5  Book Discussion Groups
Change the "Assigned Elements" column from (1-10) to (1-12).
Group 1
Dennis D.
Melissa A.
Dylan B.
Group 2
Bryson S
Izaiah O.
Abbie Rees
Group 3
Angela C.
Kaylee O.
Skip L.
Group 4
Madison A.
Samuel B
Lucianna H.
Group 5
Owen S.
Brooklyn S.
Elizabeth B.
Group 6
Treson H.
Charlie H.
Allyssa C.
Group 7
Bennett A.
Justus H.
Rebecca B.
Group 8
Trace R.
Kade S.
Cody B
Group 9
Claire O.
Jessie A.
Porter D.
Group 10
Kameron A.
Jayden H.
Card, F.
Group 11
Johnathon S.
Abe I.
Scott B.
Group 12
Drake G.
McKay R.
Gage C.

Ryan (new)

Change the "Assigned Elements" column from (1-10) to (1-12).
B6 Book Discussion Groups
Change the "Assigned Elements" column from (1-10) to (1-12).
Group 1
Tanner N
Marcus K
Ryan E
Group 2
Miriam Z
Aliyah Y
Noah G
Group 3
Alyssa B
Tayla C
Kayl Nelson
Group 4
Mitchell B
Ashton M
Dakota G
Group 5
Michael S
Emma E
Joshua K
Group 6
Ryan L
Zoe H
Harrison W
Group 7
Kristen B
Hyram N
Jose V
Group 8
Avery W
Trinity F
Blake K
Group 9
Arianna L
Victoria M
Kaden P
Group 10
Alea C
Jaiven H
Diego G
Group 11
Danika N
Pedro U
Prince K

Sidney G

Change the "Assigned Elements" column from (1-10) to (1-12).
B7  Book Discussion Groups
Change the "Assigned Elements" column from (1-10) to (1-12).
Group 1
Rainey L
Kathryn B
Tayler B
Group 2
Armando S
Serenity J
Hayden S
Group 3
Holly H
Sophia M
Hunter D
Group 4
Justin B
Devanne C.
Paul B
Group 5
Brodey L
Marianne C
Edgar P
Group 6
Blake T
Destiny P
Sadie G
Group 7
Zak B
Kayla W
Sydnee V
Group 8
Hannah W
Calleigh M
Emily B
Group 9
Madison T
Anne C
Brynlin R

Chloe P