Thursday, October 22, 2015

Monday/Tuesday, October 26/27, 2015

Announcements and Reminders:

Today is the first day of your new term in this class! 

Learning from Failure (or from not earning quite the grade you wanted!)

We are going to the media center next time, 
so you can find a book if you haven't yet.  
 Zombie Haiku Contest ends on the 27th! 

Contest! Extravagant (small, inexpensive) Prizes and Extra Credit

Book Orders are due October 28. 

Ms. Dorsey will no longer be doing intervention for Cavetime on Thursdays.  She will instead host the Mock Trial enrichment. 

 For the new term you may begin earning extra credit.  I especially encourage you to memorize the poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost. 

Extra Credit Poem Memorization

November -- Your choice of genre of novel
Element or Aspect of Literature:  Point of View

December -- Fantasy or Science Fiction novel
Element or Aspect of Literature: Setting

Novel:   a long printed story about imaginary characters and events. 
 A fictional prose narrative of considerable length, typically having a plot that is unfolded by the actions, speech, and thoughts of the characters.

Targets for Today:
   I can spell words appropriate to my grade level.

   I can read about issues, then think through them and write and talk about them.

Today’s  Agenda:

   Pick up your composition book.

[B6:  Pledge of Allegiance Sign-Ups
  Watch Video: ]

  1. Quiet Individual reading time.

    Friday Drawings!

  2. Spelling, Set 1 for Term 2
Test on  October 30/November 2


I accept the prize with pride.

They chose everyone except me.

Accept or Except?


Let us take a break.

The brake on the bike was broken.

3.  Read - Think- Write - Talk - Write
Read this report from NPR:

This study was published in a professional journal.
There were only 180 kids studied, but they were studied for 10 years.
Consider whether kids in our community would be different.

In your composition book, under Reading Response, page 33+,
write at least a half-page, responding to the report.   Label it "Cool Kids."
   Do you agree or disagree?
   What evidence have you seen or heard that this is true or false?
   What does this have to do with you?

  Talk with your appointment clock appointment for today.
  Add to or revise your writing.

4.  Read from The Outsiders.

A1 read from    p. 12, end of first paragraph to page 19, chapter 2.

B5  page 10, after Two-Bit -- begin Dallas to Chapter 2. 

B6 read from page 15, ". . . remembering Dallas Winston, I didn't blame them." (middle of paragraph) to page 23, top.

B7 read from  page 14 "On school nights I could hardly leave the house," 
to                     They worked on their charts.

Create a chart of information about the main characters under  "Reader Response."
  • Narrator: Ponyboy Curtis
  • Darrell/Darry Curtis
  • Sodapop Curtis
  • Steve Randall
  • Two-Bit Mathews
  • Dallas Winston
  • Johnny Cade

Here is some helpful information I've prepared -- especially for parents -- about  Our First Class Novel: The Outsiders.

If You Were Absent:
See the above.