Sunday, November 29, 2015

Monday/Tuesday, November 30/December 1, 2015

Announcements and Reminders:
Today's (November 30) Google Doodle is honoring Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author of Anne of Green Gables!
She was born on November 30, 1874. 

  • There are books sorted out in the classroom for Science Fiction and Fantasy. You may spend part of today's individual reading time looking for a book.
  • Sign up for your books by this Friday, December 4. 
  • The Book Discussion will be on Dec. 14/15. 
  • Focus: Setting --- How would the characters and story be different if the setting (time and/or place) were different?

See this packet for examples:
and see page 17 for a rubric.
You may do this in place of your book of the month. Hand them in by December 14/15.

  • If you had not finished reading your last book of the month before the discussion day, please let me know when you do finish it.

  • _______________________________________________

    1. Individual Reading Time -- Your genre for this month is Science Fiction or Fantasy.

    Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels

    Science Fiction Fantasy.ppt 8.2 MB

    If you don't already have a book, peruse  (examine carefully) the  science fiction and fantasy books in our classroom.  

    2. The Outsiders

    S.E. Hinton cared enough about the way kids were treating each other that she wrote a book.   

    See: How did S.E. Hinton begin writing The Outsiders?

    What do you care enough about to do or say something about?

    You need a place in your composition book (under Reading Response) to collect evidence for whether or not Johnny should go to prison or the electric chair for killing Bob.
    (You should also have a chart for whether or not Ponyboy and Soda should be put into a different home -- rather than live with Darrell.)

    Take down page numbers and notes on what evidence is found on the page.

    A1 from top of page to pg. 78, top of page -- 26:56, "pg 45, Track 2"  to chapter 6, minute 21:49, page 97. "There are some people here to see you. . . . "

    The Curtis Family --7 months or more before the story begins

    B5  from "pg 45, Track 2", top of page -78, 26:56, to  Chapter 6, 22:16, page 97

    B6 from page 87 , chapter 6, minute 3:30 to Chapter 6, minute 39:18, page 108

    B7 from  page 76, "That's gallant." "pg 45, Track 2", minute 24:05 to  page 100, the beginning of Chapter 7  (Track:chapter 6, minute 24:37)

    3.  Sparkle!    You will be tested on led/lead and threw/through on Dec. 4 (Friday) or Dec. 7 (Monday).