Thursday, September 9, 2010

September 9, 2010

 1. Bell-Ringer:  Pick up composition book.  See the overhead: [If you are absent, see the assignment here.  You could do it on a piece of paper to tape into your composition book.]
Commas in a Series
To Uncombine and Combine:

In your composition books, write today’s date, then combine these sentences into one using commas in a series.  Try not to lose or change any of the meaning.

Her cleats were in her backpack.
Her shin pads were in her backpack.
Her sweats were in her backpack.
Her backpack was slung over her shoulder and heavy with homework.

I have hair the color of carrots in an apricot glaze.
My skin is fair and clear where it isn’t freckled.
I have eyes like summer storms.
2. Reading minute (Add this to the list in your composition book.) :  Never Sniff a Gift Fish by Patrick McManus
3. Spelling Test  on administrators, teachers, and counselor.
  Retakes will be available during  Cave Time on September 17 and 23.  Do not retake the test until you have studied enough to know all of the names. 
4. Receive spelling chart/list of commonly confused words.

5. Introduction to  The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
a. Students filled out an anticipation guide (their opinions about various statements that represent themes -- important ideas in the book). We will be discussing these themes as we read the book.  
b.  Students watched a video clip with Paul Newman -- a favorite actor of the main character in The Outsiders -- who portrays another sort of "outsider" -- an Old West outlaw trying to get away from a very persistent posse.  [Outlaws(law-breakers) may be portrayed as likable and even admirable in movies and books.  What sorts of people are the "outlaws" in our school and community?  What are "outlaws" usually like in real life, and what effects would following in their footsteps have on our lives? ]

A1 page 6, to last paragraph
A2  didn't read 
A3 needs to finish the video clip -- go to Bolivia 
A4 didn't yet read

Your spelling test on names of teachers, administrators, and counselor will be today.
Remember that legibility, capitalization, and punctuation all count.

To print a new copy of the handout for your first spelling assignment, click here: 

Spelling Teachers' Names Comp

Today students will receive their new spelling assignment --The Seventh Grade Core Commonly Confused Words.
file confused words chart.doc 43.0 KB
For those who would like an A on spelling, see our challenge list: 

Spelling Challenge Words

Reminder: You should be reading your book-of-the-month-club book and taking notes. 

Download the September (due September 21) Book-of-the-Month assignment sheet.