Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 15, 2010

Bell-Ringer: Pick up composition book.  See the overhead: [If you are absent, see the assignment here.  You could do it on a piece of paper to tape into your composition book.]
Everyday Editing -- Using colons with a list!

a. Sentences:  Read these sentences.  What do you notice?

The deputy told me to empty my pockets: two quarters, a penny, a stick of bubble gum, and roll of grip tape for my skateboard.                                                          -- Carl Hiaasen, Flush (2006)

     "Empty your pockets!"
     Reluctantly, one by one, Hugo pulled out dozens of objects: screws and nails and bits of metal, gears and crumpled playing cards, tiny pieces of clockworks, cogs and wheels.
   -- Brian Selznick, The Invention of Hugo Cabret (2007)

The TSA employee emptied my backpack: three books, a journal, and 17 pens.                                                            -- Jeff Anderson                                                                                              

It’s your turn to imitate.  Use this pattern to create a sentence.

____________ told me to empty my ___________: _____________, _____________, and ______________. 

 from Jeff Anderson's Everyday Editing
Everyday Editing: Colons to Precede a List docx

b. Also write a paragraph about the groups you belong to.  These could be sports teams, club, school groups, and other groups of people you belong to.

Reading Minute:
The Paper Doorway: Funny Verse and Nothing Worse  by Dean Koontz (Yes, the writer of horror fiction!)

Them and Us
 I wasn't invited to the party.
Oh, I'll set loose some wolves on them!
They're so very smart and so very arty.
Oh, I'll throw hives of bumblebees at them!
They'll all be playing games and having fun,
Till I stampede a herd of bulls through them!
They think they're so special, A-number-one,
They won't be special when I --

The mail was late.

Here's my invitation
To the celebration.

Oh, I've been invited to the party.
We are all so smart and very arty.
How sad that you should be so envious.
Not just everyone can be one of us.

Classroom library
Class librarian:
A1 --
A2 --
A3 --
A4  --

The Outsiders 
Members of the Club --
Anticipation Guide --
List traits of characters in the composition book.
To what groups does Ponyboy (the narrator) belong? 

A1   to top of page 14
A2  to top of page 13
A3 to top of page 13
A4  to top of page 13?

Time to read independent books

Important reminders:
If you were absent when we went to the lab to take these tests,  you will need to take the MyAccess writing test in computer lab (Room 223) during one Cave Time, and the SRI in the computer lab during another.
If you were here and did not finish the SRI, you may finish it in the computer lab (Room 223)  during Cave Time. For the SRI, print your results and bring them to me.

Your Book-of-the-Month project is due on September 21 -- next Tuesday!

There will be retakes (for those who have already taken it)  of the teachers' names spelling test during Cave Time on September 17 and 23.

Extra Credit:   Don't miss the opportunity for extra credit from memorizing the poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost.   Extra Credit Poem Memorization