Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday/Wednesday, May 14/15, 2013

  • Next time:  CRT's (State Core Testing). Come well-rested and having eaten well. 
  • Bring a book to read in case you finish early.
  • Don't forget the extra credit opportunity for bringing school-appropriate jokes -- written down. 

Test-Taking Hints

By the way, the word omit means to leave something out.

      What should be omitted from this sentence? 
          Joyce and Jerry went to to Lagoon last weekend.   

1. Individual Reading Time:  Your choice of books
         or work on Ice Story
2.  Test-Taking Tips
3. Practice Prep. for CRT's (Core Testing)
Questions 24 - 27 
Lie/Lay  A1 did 1-3
Friday/Monday, May 10/13, 2013
Lie/Lay Quizzes

Is it a fact? or an opinion?
  1. We shouldn't have to go to school at all that last week of May.
  2. Schools are required by law to meet a certain number of days every year. 
  3. Mrs. Fugal thinks we should skip spring break and get out a week earlier at the end of the school year. 

5. More Lie/Lay if time


Testing 2013


Don't forget to turn in your brochure assignment.  
     Paperclip it to your "Collecting Information" page 
          and to a grading rubric with your name on it. 

Brochure Assignment for Nonfiction

Brochure Examples  See these photos if you're confused about the middle section or the bibliography.  The bibliography could also be for web sites about your topic.


Extra Credit, April 2013

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