Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday/Tuesday, May 6/7, 2013

Don't forget to turn in your brochure assignment.  
     Paperclip it to your "Collecting Information" page 
          and to a grading rubric with your name on it. 

Brochure Assignment for Nonfiction

Extra Credit, April 2013

Brochure Examples  See these photos if you're confused about the middle section or the bibliography.  The bibliography could also be for web sites about your topic. 

May Book Assignment: 
  • No Sign-Ups this time.
  • Bring a book to read each class time.  This book could be from any genre you wish. 
  • Fill out your reading log each time you are directed to do so.

Today:  1. Finish up your Ice Story packets. 

Packets to Hand in for Ice Story
Staple all together IN ORDER.   Make sure your name is on your papers.
For A1, A3, A4, B7 -- 
1. Questions for Prologue through ChapterTwo.
2.  Questions for Chapters 3-5.
3.  Chapts.  5 - 8 --  Pictures for What They Saved and What they Threw Away.
4.  Read chapters 9-11 and create a journal entry on your own lined paper as if you are there with Shackleton's expedition. (See packet)
5.  Fill out the T-Chart for Chapters 12 - 15. 
6.  Fill in all vocabulary words on the chart provided.

Ice Story Vocabulary 

For B8 –
Questions answered for all chapters 1-17

2. Be prepared for your test on Central Idea -- TODAY.
  • This test calls the topic the central idea, and gives you a choice among dependent clauses instead of complete sentences.  
    • You will be looking for the answer that best expresses what the passage is really about. 
  • In passage 8, the word is "run,"  in "run their own ads,"  not "fun their own ads." 

Tips for Successful Test-Taking
  • Read the passages and questions SLOWLY and CAREFULLY.
  • Read the passages and questions as many times as you need to -- until you understand.

Ice Story Video
A1 video   1:33:59 (4-26-13) to Disk 2 - 29:30 to 35:20  
(the ship is about to sink) [none today 5-6-13]
A3 Watched video   2nd disk 13:52 to 38:33 to 1:03: to  1:32:35 

A4 Watched video to 1:12:53  to 1:16:00   Began 2nd disk 8:55 to 2nd disk 17:17 to 1:38

B7 Watched video to 1:07:55    to 1:17:04 to  1:23:00  Began 2nd disk 8:55 to 2nd disk 12:17 to 30:14  to 57:41  (ice breaks under tent)
B8 Watch video from 2nd disk 8:55 to 2nd disk to 35:20 (the ship is about to sink) to 1:08 (watch for skip)

Reference works:
atlas, dictionary, encyclopedia, almanac, (book of facts, calendar, up to date, annual)


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