Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday/Thursday, May 22/23, 2013

Reminder:  Friday is the last day to hand in any late or revised work.

Pick up your composition book, and throw away any papers (into the recycle bin) that you do not need anymore.  KEEP your paper for looking at the brochures.

1.  iWrite:  In your composition book, 
  • a. Make a list of all the board games and card games you have played.
  • b. Write about a half page about one or more of those games.  You could choose to answer one or more of these questions:
    • Does your family play games? If so,  you could tell about that. 
    • Do you play board or card games with friends?  If so, you could tell about that.
    • How good are you?  Are you competitive when you play, or do you just play for the enjoyment?  
    • Do you have any favorite memories about a game or games?

2. Take the  SRI --  Scholastic Reading Inventory
  •  See the green-bordered poster for your log-in.
  •  Select three types of books if it asks you.
  •  You may use the skip -- if you just can't figure out the answer.
  •      Do your best!  
  •          Show that you've improved since you last took the test!

2.  Short story and game!

  •     Begin with 15 letters each, draw from the big envelope without looking at the letters. 
  •     If you have a letter you want to get rid of and would like to try more letters, draw three from the envelope without looking at them, and put the letter you're getting rid of into the envelope.
  •     No "peel" in this game.
  •     No proper nouns (names, etc.)
  •     Words must be spelled correctly.  Ms. Dorsey will be the final judge -- or perhaps a dictionary!
  •     Once you have used all of your letters, you are the winner!

(3.?  Finish looking at brochures -- if needed for your class.)


If extra time, Grammar Punk