Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday/Thursday, May 8/9, 2013

Last day to hand in late or revised work: May 24!

Don't forget to turn in your brochure assignment.  
     Paperclip it to your "Collecting Information" page 
          and to a grading rubric with your name on it. 

Brochure Assignment for Nonfiction

Extra Credit, April 2013

Brochure Examples  See these photos if you're confused about the middle section or the bibliography.  The bibliography could also be for web sites about your topic.

May Book Assignment: 
  • No Sign-Ups this time.
  • Bring a book to read each class time.  This book could be from any genre you wish. 
  • Fill out your reading log each time you are directed to do so.
Turn in  your Ice Story packets if you haven't. 
A1, A3, A4, B7
  1. Prologue-chapter 2
  2. Chapters 3-5
  3. What they took and left behind
  4. Journal entry
  5. T-chart
  6. Vocabulary  
  1. Questions for all chapters
  2. Vocabulary 
 Check the list of books still checked out from our classroom for your name.  Don't forget to return any books you still      have from the classroom. 

State Core Testing (CRT’s) for Language Arts 7 – May 16-17 and 20-21
Come well rested and having eaten nourishing meals.  
Above all COME on those days. Because we are testing so late within the testing window, opportunities for make-up will be limited.

1.   Finish up Ice Story Packets -- About 15 minutes will be provided to do this.
Finish Ice Story Video
Students who have finished packets may have the opportunity to map a lifeboat or shelter.

2.  Practice Tests for Core Testing (CRT's)

3. Sparkle the Commonly Confused Words
Review commonly confused words and prefixes and suffixes.
Prefixes and Suffixes Chart 2011   -- This is a file to download.

4. Fact or Opinion? Fact or Opinion?

A1 video   1:33:59 (4-26-13) to Disk 2 - 29:30 to 35:20  
(the ship is about to sink) to 1:26 (Shackleton and his 5 men are on South Georgia Island.)

A3 Watched video   2nd disk 13:52 to 38:33 to 1:03: to  1:32:35 

A4 Watched video to 1:12:53  to 1:16:00   Began 2nd disk 8:55 to 2nd disk 17:17 to 1:38

B7 Watched video to 1:07:55    to 1:17:04 to  1:23:00  Began 2nd disk 8:55 to 2nd disk 12:17 to 30:14  to 57:41  (ice breaks under tent)
B8 Watch video from 2nd disk 8:55 to 2nd disk to 35:20 (the ship is about to sink) to 1:08 (watch for skip)