Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fact or Opinion?

Fact or Opinion?

Stand up if the statement expresses a fact.  Stay seated if it is an opinion. 
  • You can check the truth of a fact.  A fact is not debatable.  It is either true or false.
  • Different people could have  different opinions.  Opinions are debatable.
  • When you say you or someone else  thinks or believes something, you are expressing a fact, even though what you think or believe may not be a fact.  It is a fact that you think or believe that.  Confusing, huh?!  
Note: This is not asking whether a statement is true or not, just whether it expressed a fact or opinion.

1. Shackleton's Endurance expedition left England in 1914.

--> 2. Over 1800 students are enrolled at American Fork Junior High.

3.  Ernest Shackleton was a great man. 

4.  I think Shackleton was  a great man.

5. Ms. Dorsey said that Ernest Shackleton was a great man. 

6. If you are sent to the office, it's better to talk to Mr. Johnson than to Mrs. Price. 

7.  Justin Bieber is hot. 

8.  My best friend thinks Justin Bieber is hot. 

9.  Twenty percent of fifth grade girls in American Fork  think Justin Bieber is hot. 

10.  Justin Bieber is nineteen years old.

11.  Pirates of Penzance was the best play ever produced at American Fork Junior High.

12.  The San Antonio Spurs beat the Golden State Warriors on Monday night by 127-126.

13.  We should get rid of the dress code at American Fork Junior High.

14.  The dress code at American Fork Junior High should be enforced better.