Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday/Friday, May 16/17, 2013

Last day to hand in late or revised work: May 24!
Ice Story books will not be available after May 17.
Remember that you must return any books you have checked out of the classroom by Friday, May 17, or your fine will be turned over to the front office. 
Let me know if you have completed the 50 Book Challenge! There will be a special event for those who have.

State Core Testing (CRT's) for Language Arts 7
Bring a book to read in case you finish early.

When asked for your birthday: (password)

  • February 4, 1998 would be   02041998
  • May 16, 2001 would be 05162001
  • What would September 30, 2002 be?___


A Little Humor -- Extra Credit

originally posted May 8, 2013