Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Redwoods -- not so good and good personal narratives


   Last year we went on a vacation and we had a wonderful time.  The weather was sunny and warm and there was lots to do so we were never bored. 
   My parents visited friends and took pictures for their friends back home.  My brother and I swam and also hiked in the woods.  When we got tired of that, we just ate and had a wonderful time.
   It was exciting and fun to be together as a family and to do things together.  I love my family and this is a time that I will remember for a long time.  I hope we will go back again next year for more fun and an even better time than we had this year.


As soon as school was out we left on vacation. Nothing went the was it was supposed to.  Dad backed into a tree on the way out of the driveway, pushing the bike rack through the rear window and nearly scaring my sister to death.  She was cranky the rest of the trip. We had to take our other car, which is smaller and you can't hook the bike rack up to it. Now my sister and me were crowded together so much she kept complaining about me breathing on her and taking up all her air and foot room. Plus now Dad knew a big bill would be waiting for him when we got home. It put everyone in a lovely trip starting mood.
   We were supposed to go to Yellowstone Park. Well, actually, we did, but just barely. I think we hold the world's record for shortest time spent in the park. This was all due to my mother's new attitude toward animals. The night before yellowstone we stayed in a cabin on the edge of the park. It had a lot of mice but most of them had the good sense to stay hidden in the walls. One poor furry guy had a death wish and showed himself. The whole family went into action. My father got a broom, which looked like an oversized weapen for a mouse. My mother hugged her pink flanel night gown around her knees, jumped up on a wood chair and started shreiking "Kill him! Kill him!" Her eyes were as big as her fists. I had never seen her quite so blood thirsty. My sister spent the whole time dancing on the bed crying her eyes out and yelling "Don't kill it Dad! Don't kill it!" It was up to Dad and me to trap it. We got it in a pickle jar and took it down to the lake and let it go. It seemed really happy to get away from us. I thought I knew how it felt.

   The next day we raced through Yellowstone and then headed home. My Mother said she had enough of animals. For weeks afterwards, this was the big story she told everyone who asked about our vacation. You'd have thought the whole point of our trip was to go on a mouse hunt. Dad said all the money we saved by not staying at Yellowstone could go to pay for the broken car window, so for him the trip worked out perfect. As for me, I'm still planing to get back to Yellowstone one day. I want to see something bigger than a mouse.