Monday, September 17, 2018

Tuesday/Wednesday, September 18/19, 2018

Announcements and Reminders:

Important:  Bring your book-of-the-month to class on 
September 18-21.  You will be writing pretests for argument and informative writing, and may have extra time to read. 

Class Code - GKLJW
Scholastic Book Orders

Next Order Due Date -   09/21/18   

Remember to choose and read your 
(a novel -- any genre) 
Sign up for your book, so it can be approved by the teacher. 
Sign-ups were due by September 11!  You can still sign up!
Have your book read by September 26/27. 
See the tab above for "Required Reading" to learn more about the assignment.

To check out books from the classroom, use our Google form.
There is a link to it on Canvas.   

Targets for Today:

I can show what I know about informative writing. 

Today’s  Agenda:

We will go to Lab 224 to do this test.
You will sit at your assigned computer number.
Log in, then open a browser and "MyAccess."
Log in to MyAccess.
Select this  writing prompt: Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes, and Volcanoes Informational

Take the MyAccess Department Writing Test -- Informative
Use the articles provided.

Take only a pen or pencil and any papers that Ms. Dorsey has given you, 
and your book to read in case you have extra time. 

Walk quietly to Computer Lab 224.  
Sit at your assigned computer -- your composition book number.  
Log into the computer, then into MyAccess. 

Do not open any other windows on the computer except for MyAccess.

You have only ONE submission.
You will need to submit at the end of class. 

However,  if you have extra time, you may choose to work with the PowerPoint attached to Skyward.  

If you have extra time --
   You may choose to work on being able to define literary terms.
  • Go to Skyward and log in.  Go to your message center. 
  • Open the PowerPoint I've linked there.  
  • Use the PowerPoint to fill out the notes pages available.  

Read your book-of-the-month book.

Just for fun:

If You Were Absent:
Arrange a time to take the test. This will work best after school to allow at least 45 minutes to take the test.

Make sure you are prepared for the book discussions on the 26th/27th. 


 Help and Enrichment 

This is what your book discussion evaluation will look like: