Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Quotes from The Outsiders

Ponyboy tells Cherry about the time Johnny was beaten up by the Socs -- four months before--
beginning on page 31

Ponyboy Curtis told Cherry Valance that "Johnny, who was the most law-abiding of us, now carried in his back pocket a six-inch switchblade.  He'd use it, too, if he ever got jumped again" (34).  

The Socs find Ponyboy and Johnny in the park -- beginning on page 53.

Ponyboy wakes up from being unconscious from the drowning on page 56.

Johnny said this about killing Robert Sheldon, "I had to.  They were drowning you, Pony.  They might have killed you" (57 ). 

Dallas gives the boys a gun and money on page 61.

The boys cut their hair on page 71.

The boys save the children from the burning church starting on page 91.

page 116 -- Randy Anderson tells Ponyboy that  Bob had just wanted his parents to tell him "No."