Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wednesday/Tuesday, October 15/21

Announcements and Reminders: 

New Emergency Procedures: 
Report to your A1 teacher any time we evacuate the building. 

October 15 was the  LAST DAY turn in late and revised work, 
as well as extra credit for Term 1.

Your book project (on contemporary realistic fiction) 
was due on October 13/14. 
  • Students took Spelling Test #3 and all classes have done the Composition Book Check.  
  • The last day to hand in late work, revised work, and extra credit is/was 
  •                     October 15.
    -- You may hand in your Sept/Oct Book Assessment (One-Pager) by Tuesday/Wednesday (October 21/22), but there will be no extensions on that deadline.

    If you need to redo and resubmit your one-pager, you must do it by the end of school on October 22 -- Wednesday.

    Next time!!!!
  • Retake on Text Structure October 22/23 -- If you have already reached mastery on your score, you do not need to do the retake.
  • Spelling test on all the words we've done so far on October 22/23. If you earn 85% or above on this test, any poor scores on the previous three tests will turn to no-count scores.
  • If you did not finish the SRI (Reading Test on the computer), go to Cave Time in Lab 223 and ask Mrs. John to set it up for you. 

  • So you know what's next:
    October/November:  Read Nonfiction
    Either literary nonfiction (real things told as a story),
    or biography or autobiography.

    Sign up by November 3/4.
    Turn in your project by November 21/24.

    Turn in your book projects.
    Pick up your composition books.

    1. Individual Reading

    2. A1

    Appointment Clocks -- All completed.

    Text structure and paragraphs

    3.  B5 still needs to do  cause and effect -- 

        B6 needs to finish chronological and do cause and effect.
    • cause and effect -- What are the effects of bullying?  
    • or What are the effects of showing kindness to others? 
    • or What are the causes of bullying? 

    4.   If you were not here for the composition book check, or if yours was not complete, come in during Cavetime to complete the composition book assignments and check.

    5.  Text Structure Challenge  -- 

    • An opportunity to earn candy will be available to those who finish first  (first three partnerships) and have labeled the paragraphs correctly!

    • Do the circling and underlining as directed.

    • Bring your paper to Ms. Dorsey and check your answers. 

    • The last two paragraphs on the key are reversed from their position on the worksheet.

    6. Paragraphs 

    Paragraph 2014  Fish Bowl Paragraphs

    B5 to Supporting Details:

    Reasons, details, examples, and other information that supports and explains the topic sentence.
    B6 did a quick review.  

    B7 to Conclusions 

    Other resources on paragraphs: 

    Central Idea

    Paragraph -- Halloween Compare and Contrast

    Paragraphs -- Let's Make Sure You Understand

    You need to know:  
    paragraphs --
    central idea

    If you were absent, see if you can correctly identify the structure of each of these paragraphs. 

    Text Structure and Pizza!

    Updated 10/14/14