Friday, October 10, 2014

Monday/Tuesday, October 13/14, 2014

Interesting News:

Announcements and Reminders: 
Remember that you had new seating last time. 

Your book projects (on contemporary realistic fiction) 
are due today -- 

October 13/14. 
  • Spelling test today -- October 13/14
  • Composition Book Check today  -- October 13/14.  Be ready.  Have your composition book in class.  
  • The last day to hand in late work, revised work, and extra credit is 
  •                     October 15. 
  • Retake on Text Structure October 22/23
  • Spelling test on all the words we've done so far on October 22/23. If you earn 85% or above on this test, any poor scores on the previous three tests will turn to no-count scores.
  • If you did not finish the SRI (Reading Test on the computer), go to Cave Time in Lab 223 and ask Mrs. John to set it up for you. 

  • So you know what's next:
    October/November:  Read Nonfiction
    Either literary nonfiction (real things told as a story),
    or biography or autobiography.

    Sign up by November 3/4.
    Turn in your project by November 21/24.

    1. iRead -- Individual Reading Time (10-15- 20 minutes)  

    2.  Spelling Test  (on our most recent group of four word sets, with some review 

    on the old sets)

    Appointment Clocks

    3.  Paragraphs and Text Structure  [If you are absent today, write a paragraph for problem and solution, one for compare/contrast, and one for description.  Highlight or underline the central idea/topic sentence with green.  Circle the signal words with yellow.]

    • compare/contrast -- Compare and/or contrast two different places you eat.
    • Compare and/or Contrast Structure 
      Other ideas: 
       Use compare and contrast to convince your parents to get you a dog instead of a cat, or a cat instead of a dog.

    You will write the paragraph, then you will trade with your partner who will highlight or underline the central idea/topic sentence with green and circle the signal words with yellow.

    • description/definition --Describe either your bedroom or your backyard.
    • Description

    B7 needs to highlight.

    -------  Appointment Clocks ---------------------

    • sequence -- What are you an expert at?  Explain how to do some small part of it: executing a skateboard trick or a dance or gymnastics move, cooking something fairly simple, even making a bed or mowing a lawn. 

    A1?, B5, B6, still need to finish or do cause and effect -- 
    • cause and effect -- What are the effects of bullying?  or What are the effects of showing kindness to others? 
      • Sample Paragraph  (Notice that the second sentence is the central idea.)
    Other ideas:  Use cause and effect to convince your neighbors to stop letting their dog run loose.

    4.  Composition Book Check  -- If you are not here for the composition book check, or if yours was not complete, come in during cavetime to complete the composition book assignments and check.

    5.  Text Structure Challenge  -- if time.