Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday/Monday, October 3/6, 2014

Announcements and Reminders:
Book Orders Due by October 3 -- today.

When you receive your graded book project, if you need to redo it, or wish to for more points, attach your new copy to the graded one. 

When I point out spelling words you should learn, copy them into your composition book on the page for editing tips for you (page 39+). 

To prepare for the available retake on Text Structure, see the teacher for a practice packet.  Identify the text structures of the paragraphs, and afterward we'll talk about them.

Sign up for your Contemporary Realistic Fiction Book by October 1 (A-Day), October 2 (B-Day) -- last time! 

Mini-Lessons from the Aug/Sept. Book Project 


1. iRead -- Individual Reading Time (10-15 minutes)  
This month's book assignment is based on Realistic Fiction.  Realistic fiction books are gathered in the front of the classroom.  

[B-Day Receive helps for book project.  
Practice with a fairy tale!] 

2. Spelling:  


I just barely made it into class on time.

I enjoy bread made from wheat and barley.



It is confusing to your reader if you write something like this:

He was barley able to do it.  

3. Parts of Speech:  Verbs  

Schoolhouse Rock

Recognizing Verbs

B5 did 1-3
B6 did all sentences.
B7 worked through 13 -- enough

4. Paragraphs 

Paragraph 2014

If time, get started on -- 
5. How they Croaked -- another chapter for you and a partner!

A1   finished posters and presenting, copied spelling, watched Schoolhouse Rock.
B5  still needs to present some posters and watched Schoolhouse Rock. Today finished posters
Today finished presenting posters,viewed Schoolhouse and Grammaropolis, sentences 1-3.
B6 finished posters  and did the practice sentences for tickets up through #11 of 12. 
B6 today and watched the videos and reviewed the information, finished sentences, viewed the Paragraph powerpoint up to slide #16  -- Bad Example. 
B7  finished posters and presenting, copied spelling, watched Schoolhouse Rock.