Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Thursday/Friday, October 9/10, 2014

Announcements and Reminders: 
Notice that you have new seating. 

Your book projects (on contemporary realistic fiction) 
are due next week -- 

October 13/14. 
  • Spelling test October 13/14
  • Composition Book Check next week -- October 13/14.  Be ready.  Have your composition book in class.  
  • The last day to hand in late work, revised work, and extra credit is 
  •                     October 15. 
  • Retake on Text Structure October 22/23
  • Spelling test on all the words we've done so far on October 22/23.
  • If you did not finish the SRI (Reading Test on the computer), go to Cave Time in Lab 223 and ask Mrs. John to set it up for you. 

  • So you know what's next:
    October/November:  Read Nonfiction
    Either literary nonfiction (real things told as a story),
    or biography or autobiography.

    Sign up by November 3/4.
    Turn in your project by November 21/24.

1. iRead -- Individual Reading Time (10-15- 20 minutes)  

This month's book assignment is based on Contemporary Realistic Fiction. 
Realistic fiction books are gathered in the front of the classroom.  

Your book projects are due next week -- 

October 13/14. 

Our Next Spelling Test is on October 13/14.

2. Spelling:  


We are happy.

Our mother is happy.

I believe that children are our future,
and that terrifies me.


2nd person singular and 1st, 2nd and 3rd person plural of the verb: be
The Smiths are very wealthy people.
Of or belonging to us
Our house is over there

3. Sparkle? 

4.  Paragraphs and Text Structure  [If you are absent today, write a paragraph for problem and solution, one for compare/contrast, and one for description.  Highlight or underline the central idea/topic sentence with green.  Circle the signal words with yellow.]

  • description/definition --Describe either your bedroom or your backyard.
  • Description

B7 needs to highlight. 

  • sequence -- What are you an expert at?  Explain how to do some small part of it: executing a skateboard trick or a dance or gymnastics move, cooking something fairly simple, even making a bed or mowing a lawn. 

  • chronological --  You had a day that was really great!  Tell about what happened in order.  

  • cause and effect -- What are the effects of bullying?  or What are the effects of showing kindness to others? 

Don't forget to have a central idea (also called a topic sentence) at the beginning of your paragraph.

Text Structure and Pizza!

Name That Structure!