Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday/Wednesday, October 7/8, 2014

Just Interesting:  Edgar Allan Poe died on October 7, 1849. 

Announcements and Reminders: 

  • Spelling test October 13/14
  • Retake on Text Structure October 22/23
  • Spelling test on all the words we've done so far on October 22/23.

1. iRead -- Individual Reading Time (10-15 minutes)  
This month's book assignment is based on Realistic Fiction.  Realistic fiction books are gathered in the front of the classroom.  

Your book projects (on contemporary realistic fiction) 

are due next week -- 

October 13/14. 

[A-Day receive helps for book project.  
If time, p
ractice with a fairy tale!]

Our Next Spelling Test is on October 13/14.

2. Spelling:  


Where is he?

Did you wear your coat to school?

3.  Class Brainstorm:   Causes of Good Grades

Causes of Good Grades MyAccess Assignment

Draw a cluster web in your composition book (in the notes and quickwrites section).
Collect ideas to use in your essay. 
Possible categories:  relationships, actions, attitudes, supplies, places, time, effort, focus

Go to Computer Lab 211.
Sit at your composition book number 
unless directed other wise.

     A. Take the SRI test. 

If you were absent or did not complete this assignment, go to Lab 223 for cave time, ask Ms. John for help setting it up, and bring me the print out when you have finished.

     B.  Work on the essay assignment  "Causes of Good Grades."  
We will be working on this over several weeks.  It is informative writing. 

Write a brief outline of what you want to tell your reader, then fill in the details. 

Make sure you have a Central Idea for your essay.

             Multi-Paragraph  (multi = many) 

Take your composition book, a pencil, your instructions. 

More information about SRI Tests and Lexile Scores

Resource for your essay: 
This article is written for college students, but you could adjust these suggestions to your own situation:  http://www.quintcareers.com/getting_better_grades.html

Log into Pioneer Online Library to access the following resources:
Go to http://afjh.alpineschools.org/
Click on the tab for Resources, then on Pioneer Online Library at the bottom of the drop down menu.
If you are at school, you do not need to log in.  If you are at home, use pioneer and discover.
Select the  Gale-Cengage Learning K-12 Collection.
Select   Junior Edition.

You need to be logged into Pioneer Online Library to access this article from Girl's Life Magazine.  It's a quiz with commentary.  Click Here.  Then click on the article title to open it.

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You need to be logged into Pioneer Online Library to access this article:
This one says that Grades Are Contagious:  Click Here.

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"Grades are contagious." Muse May-June 2013: 4. Junior Edition. Web. 7 Oct. 2014.

You also need to be logged into Pioneer Online Library to access this article:
This video tells us that physical activity can help your grades:  Click Here.

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