Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What's Where for King of the Mild Frontier

(King of the Mild Frontier is an autobiography by Chris Crutcher.)

This is an unfinished product. 
What's Where?  

Cascade, Idaho:  a small town in western Idaho with a population of about 900.  It is located in the mountains north of Boise and on the shore of Lake Cascade.  A major business there for years was the Boise Cascade Sawmill.   This was Chris Crutcher's mother's hometown, and Chris' family moved there when he was six weeks old.

Dayton, Ohio: birthplace of Chris Crutcher.

Eastern Washington State College:  now known as Eastern Washington University, it is located in Cheney, Washington, which is 17 miles southwest of Spokane.  Chris Crutcher earned his BA degree there in sociology and psychology.

Oakland, California

Spokane, Washington:

-- Information found on the websites for these towns and cities, on Google Maps,  and in the book King of the Mild Frontier