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Tuesday/Wednesday, October 30/31, 2012

Some interesting (maybe) links:  (There are more links at the bottom of this post that just might help you earn some extra credit.)

Term 2

Something You May Not Have Known About Ms. Dorsey

iRead:  Read your book (hopefully your fantasy or science fiction book for your next Basic 8 Book) and fill out your reading log.  

Basic 8, Book #3 

Book #3.  Science Fiction/Distopian or Fantasy 

Book #4.   Science Fiction/Distopian or Fantasy   (Use the one you haven't already.)

Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels

Defining Fantasy and Science Fiction

Books Not Allowed for the Outside Reading Assignment

If you weren't here today, watch this PowerPoint for Science Fiction and Fantasy: Science Fiction Fantasy.ppt

Ask a classmate to show you how to create your "Book Shelf" page in your composition book.  



iWrite: If I Were in Charge of the World 10/230. Read the poem by Judith Viorst and create your own version.

In case you're absent, or don't finish in class:  "If I Were in Charge of the World"
You may do it in your composition book or write it on a paper to tape into your composition book. 
Write at least 8 or 10 lines.


iWrite Right: Commas “Use a comma when you are listing more than two things in a sentence.”
If you weren't here today, view this PowerPoint: Commas.ppt
Write down a rule and two sentences using the serial comma (commas in a series). 

iLearn: The Giver  -- 
This slideshow applies to our classroom books as well.
Join our Book-Savers Club for a required five (5) points.

How to Open a New Book

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Extra Credit:  See Ms. Dorsey to pass off any of these.

Extra Credit Poems

Extra Credit: Nothing in Heaven Functions As It Ought

 No extra credit for this one, but you might want to read one or more of these scary books: 

Neil Gaiman's Recommended Scary Books