Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 3/4, 2012

iRead:  Individual Reading for about 5 minutes.

iListen and Read:  We listened to The Outsiders for a few minutes.

iWrite Right (iSpell Right)
lead/lead/led        lead led posters.pptx
Expect a quiz next time on the confused words sets we've recently reviewed.

iWrite: Comparing and Contrasting 10-3 

Preparing to Write By Using a Graphic Organizer
Take out your composition books and turn to a new page.           
Your heading in your composition book should read: iWrite: Comparing and Contrasting 10-3
--> The past couple of iWrites we’ve written about two different family members. We’re using a tool called a graphic organizer (a Venn Diagram)  to compare and contrast these two family members. 

Paragraph3 Compare Contrast(1).pptx 

--> Draw two large circles in your composition book, with their edges overlapping to form a shape in the middle. Write the name of the first person you described two class periods ago in one circle, and the name of the person you wrote about last time in the second circle. Take a minute and write in the middle section things the people have in common. Under or around their names write things that they don’t have common—that are specific to that individual.  

Write at least five items in each section of your organizer. 

We used the sample topic sentences, pattern, and concluding sentences  on the PowerPoint to begin writing a paragraph comparing and contrasting the two people we'd already written about. 

iListen. Read and Learn:  We listened to and followed along with The Outsiders, filling out the charts for characters, setting, and plot.
Listen to/Follow along with The Outsiders
A1 --   Today we read to page  68, beginning chapter 5 ("We Crouched" 9:07).
A3 --   Today we read to page  68, beginning chapter 5 ("We Crouched" 9:07).
A4 --   Today we read to page  68, beginning chapter 5 ("We Crouched" 9:07).
B7 --   Today we read to page 60, (p. 45 -- Track 1 -- 25:00)
B8  --  Today we read to page 75 ("We Crouched" 22:25)

We have extended your opportunity to take the online pretests through this Saturday, October 6.  We will not be doing them in class, but you could do them during cave time. 
Your Basic 8, Book 2 Assessment is due by October 16/17. 
Your passages are due by October 9/10. 

Basic 8, Book #2 Assessment -- Character Cube

 You should be reading a contemporary realistic fiction novel. 
 You should already have your book approved by a teacher.
 You should be collecting passages from the book that reveal the character by
  •       What he or she does
  •       What he or she says or thinks
  •       What the narrator or another character says about him or her
For instance,  in The Outsiders today in A1 we read about Ponyboy and Johnny out in the country.
Ponyboy describes Johnny with this passage:
   "He didn't look like any farm boy to me.  He still reminded me of a lost puppy who had been kicked too often, but for the first time I saw him as a stranger might see him.  He looked hard and tough, because of his black T-shirt and his blue jeans and jacket, and because his hair was heavily greased and so long." 

 This passage would go under  "What the narrator or another character says about him or her."
 On my cube, side 6, I would write this description:  LOOKS HARD and TOUGH    INSIDE LIKE A LOST PUPPY   Then I would draw something to go along with that, like a nail (hard as nails), and cute little puppy.  

See also the tab above for Required Reading.


 Your "final" test on commonly confused words will be on October 16/17.
You will take a quiz that counts on October 5/8.  
It will be on the words that we have focused on already. 
a lot /  allot
desert   /   dessert   /  desert 
break   /  brake
hear   /   here
led  /  lead