Monday, October 15, 2012

Not finished with your Basic 8, Book #2 Assessment?

These are due on Monday for A-Day students and Tuesday for B-Day students.
If you do not have the handouts to finish these and your class meets on Monday, you will want to use these instructions and documents to complete your assignment:

Basic 8, Book # 2.  Contemporary Realistic Fiction  -- Life Problems 
The finished project for Book #2 is due by October 22/23.  Book #2  must be Realistic Fiction. 

Selecting your book: 

Realistic Fiction -- Contemporary

Beginning the Project:

Basic 8, Book #2 Assessment -- Character Cube

If you would like to print a hard copy of this assignment and (blue) worksheet, go to

You will hand in the following document with your final product.  it also includes the grading criteria for your final project.

Character Cube Description.docx
or Character Cube Description.doc

This is the cube.  We are making it from cardstock (index weight) paper.
To create a rough draft, print it on regular weight printer paper. 
For you final draft, print it on card stock.  We have many copies of both in the classroom, but if you did not pass off your blue sheet and rough draft and pick them up,  you should print your own.

After arriving at the linked page, click on the Download tab to open these.  
Remember to hand in your final product flat -- not cut and folded. 

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