Friday, October 19, 2012

Monday/Tuesday, October 22/23, 2012

Your Basic 8, Book #2 is due today. Your final copy (cardstock cube) is due today. 
Today by 4 pm is the last opportunity to receive points for the Basic 8, Book #2 assignment. 

No more late or revised work is accepted this week, except the reading make-up log. 

If you need to do reading log make-up, hand that in by Thursday.

1.   iRead and work on cubes  -- Finish them up to share them  and hand them in today. 

2.  iWrite: The Outsiders Character 10/22. Pick a character. Why or why not would you advise hanging out with him/her? Why or why not? (Which character would you like to hang out with?)


3. iListen/Read The Outsiders and put cubes together

4. iShow-What-I-Know: Share my Cube and listen to other about theirs

5. Hanging the cubes and listening to more of The Outsiders 

Your Basic 8, Book #2 Assessment is due today. This is a firm  deadline since we are in the last week of the term when no late work is accepted. 

Not finished with your Basic 8, Book #2 Assessment?

Today we read
from page
on audio
to page
on audio
The Outsiders

Chapter 6, 13:13
about 104?

The Outsiders
Chapter 6, 16:22
The Outsiders
Chapt. 6-- 9:32
Darry crying at the hospital
The Outsiders
83, top
We crouched. . .  34:10
to chapter 7 -- page 100
 Chapter 6, 24:46
The Outsiders
95, top
Chapter 8, 17:08
p. 107
Chapter 6, 38:08

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