Monday, October 1, 2012

Composition Book Check #2

Here's what you need to have.
Composition Book Entries:
1. iWrite -- Family   September 13/14, 2012
What does “family” mean to you? Are there people in your life that you’re not related to that you consider family? Describe why or why not.  
2.  iWrite   Pet Peeves  -- September 17/18, 2012 
What drives you crazy? Is there something that a friend, relative, or classmate (or someone else) does that really aggravates you? What is it? Why do you think it bugs you so much?
(2b.  A1-A4)  iWrite: "What a Character Does"  9/19/12
  Write about what you have learned about   one of the characters from 
     what he or she does.  This is what you've talked with your partner about.) 
3. Setting chart filled in with settings from The Outsiders.
4.  iWrite: Once Upon a Time  September 25   / 26
   Write out one of your favorite fairy tales -- as you would tell it to your children.  

5.  Taped-in half-sheet for iWrite: Capitalization and Punctuation
6.  Narrative Plot Structure diagrams for "The Three Bears" and The Outsiders.
7.  iWrite:   One Family Member   September 27 or 28, 2012
Prompt: Tell me about a member of your family. Only positives today, so pick someone you think highly of. Describe the person as best you can. You may include physical description, character description, examples of behavior, good deeds, etc.
8.  iWrite:    Another Person in My Family 10-1    Prompt: Describe a member of your family in a paragraph.  This must be a different one than you described last time. Concentrate on one main idea from your character web for that person.
9.  Hamburger and Rubric Chart  -- Rubric for writing a paragraph.
10.  iWrite: Comparing and Contrasting 10-3 (with Venn Diagram)
     Write comparing or contrasting those  two different family members you've already written about. 
11.  iWrite: Release 10-5
Prompt: Write about your week. How’s it been? Stressful? Joyous? Painful? Romantic?
AND/OR Write about whatever you want today!
12.    iWrite: Window/Mirror  October 9/10
Is the character in your novel you’re learning about more of a mirror or more of a window to you? (Is the character a lot like you -- a mirror? How?  Or is reading about this character more like looking at a different type of person through a window?)

  • Are you keeping up your character chart?  
  • What about your our setting chart?  
  • Are you still working in your  plot diagram? 

Here is what the composition book check-sheet looks like:

Composition Book Check     Term 1, Check 2
(See the class blog for complete prompts.)
_____1. What does “family” mean to you?
_____2. Pet Peeves
_____3. Setting Chart
_____4. Write out a fairy tale.
_____5. Taped-in worksheet for capitalization and punctuation.
_____6.  Narrative plot structure diagrams for
                  “The Three Bears”
                  and The Outsiders
_____7. One Family Member
_____8.  Another Family Member
_____9. Hamburger and rubric chart
_____10. Comparing and Contrasting (Venn diagram and paragraph)
_____11. Release (your week or any topic)
_____12. Window or Mirror on a Character
________Total/60 points

Corrected by ___________________________
                           (first and last, legible)

You will check another student's work, not your own.
Sample Grades:
0= nothing written, or just the heading written
1=heading written and one or two sentences
3=heading plus three or four sentences
5=correct heading plus at least seven thoughtful sentences
*Remember:  You aren't checking for spelling or other conventions for the points.   You just need to be able to read it.