Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday, October 26 and Monday, October 29, 2012

Friday the 26th was the last day of first term.
To keep the A-Day, then B-Day schedule going, we are using October 29 to finish up watching The Outsiders.   For B7 and B8, the Venn diagram will count on the new term. 

Reminders:  Your next book assessment book -- Basic 8, Book #3 -- will be a science fiction or fantasy novel.  Watch for further instructions, the book sign-up, and a parent approval form.
  • See suggested books under the tab above for Required Reading. 
  • Check also the Do-Not-Read List. 
    • Books you may NOT use for the Book-of-the-Month assignments

    •  Special notes on Do-Not-Read:  
      • You may not use The Giver or any book you are reading for a literature class.   
      • Your book must be from the assigned genre, be over 100 pages, be a book you haven't read before,  and must be approved by the teachers or you will receive a zero on your book assessment. 
1. Short iRead  -- DO NOT pick up your composition books.
2. iWatch and iShow-What-I-Know 

Watch the rest of the video of The Outsiders -- if the class is   prepared and has behaved well enough.
Fill in a Venn Diagram for The Outsiders.

Don't forget to hand in your Venn diagram!

Friday, October 26 is the last day of Term 1.   
Friday, October 19 is the last day 
to hand in late or revised work.

Finish watching the video of The Outsiders -- if the class is prepared and has behaved well enough.

How is the video similar to and different from the book?

originally posted October 9, 2012