Thursday, September 29, 2016

Friday/Monday, September 30/October 3, 2016

Announcements and Reminders:
Pick up a new Quiz of the Week!! 

Grab a copy of The Outsiders and your composition book.

 Your new spelling words are 
7. were/we’re/where
We were happy to see you.
We’re going to lunch.
Where is he?

8. then/than
First we ate, then we played outside.
I like dark chocolate better than milk chocolate.

-- helps to learn correct spelling for  were/we're, then/than --

Your test will be on October 6 or 7, the same day you turn in the Weekly Quiz.
Notice that your Book Assessment for the Book of the Month is next week -- Wednesday or Thursday. 

Extra Credit Poem Memorization

Targets for Today:

I can collect evidence from The Outsiders for a future argument essay.

I can write a hook.

I can use questions to help me write background information.

Today’s  Agenda:

Silent Reading time.

Pull out The Outsiders! Let's finish Chapter 6.

Now let's take a break. Time for a writer's workshop!! We'll do this every day for the next couple of weeks. Each day we'll focus on a different part of argument essays. First, I'll show you some mentor texts, or models. Next, you'll practice doing it with a partner. Last, you'll do it by yourself.

The topic that you will write about by yourself will stay the same each time. By the end of our writer's workshops, you'll have a complete essay responding to this prompt: "Are competitive teenage sports too intense?"

Today we're focusing on Hook and Background Information.

If we've got extra time, we'll listen to more of The Outsiders!

On the exit slip that I gave you, write these things:

  • One of the hooks that you created today
  • Two of the background information questions. 
  • Your name

Record Player
In case you're curious,
Music from the time of The Outsiders:
Hank Williams (Ponyboy doesn't like his music.)

The Beatles:  (1964)

Elvis Presley:

A girl listening to a transistor radio --
but I didn't get many stations on mine!

If You Were Absent:

Go through the Hook and Background Information slide show given above. Practice writing those in your composition book. Catch up on your reading in The Outsiders- we finished Chapter 6 and will be partway into Chapter 7.

Here is the document for the QuizoftheWeek5.docx.
Ask for a bubble sheet. 

(Referring to Argument Writing)

Poem: THESE are the days  -- This so describes today, September 30!