Thursday, September 15, 2016

Friday/Monday, September 16/19, 2016

Announcements and Reminders:
If you didn't already turn in your Book of the Month essay (internal/external conflict), then turn that in today!

Next time will be the official sign up for the October Book of the Month!
Here is a description and some examples of Realistic Fiction novels at a 7th grade level.

Today your Quiz of the Week #3 is due and you will receive Quiz of the Week #4.

Pick up your composition book and a copy of The Outsiders.

By the way, Monday the 19th is  Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Targets for Today:
I can demonstrate my spelling knowledge of "they're/their/there" and "your/you're".

I can collect evidence from The Outsiders for a future argument essay. 

Today’s  Agenda:

Papers and stuff! Turn in the Book of the Month Essay. Turn in Quiz of the Week #3, the green quiz, if you haven't already. Pick up Quiz #4, the pink one.

CSI!! (Criminal Sentence Investigation) Look for things that you like about this sentence! It isn't perfect, but it has a lot of good in it!
Copy it into your composition book.

"I can understand why Sodapop and Steve get into drag races and fights so much, though -- both of them have too much energy, too much feeling, with no way to blow it off." -Ponyboy, The Outsiders

Time for a spelling test!

Now let's get back to The Outsiders. Pull out your character pages and your green column sheet. Today you'll add at least two more details to that sheet!
(Chapter 3 begins on page 37.)

Pause in the middle of the chapter- let's talk about Realistic Fiction! First, check out the spots in the room with Realistic Fiction books on them. What do you notice? What are these books usually about? What kind of characters do they have?

Book Talk from Mrs. Mace and Ms. Dorsey about their favorite realistic fiction novels! (This one didn't happen since we ran out of time, but do ask us.)

If you'd like more information, here is a description and some examples of Realistic Fiction novels at a 7th grade level.

Let's listen to the rest of Chapter 3 now!

We got to. . . .

If You Were Absent:

Make sure your August/September Book of the Month essay is turned in.


Turn in Quiz of the Week #3, and pick up Quiz of the Week #4.
Find a time to take the Spelling Test.
Start thinking about a Realistic Fiction novel you could read for the Book of the Month. The sign-up is next time!!   Here is a description and some examples of Realistic Fiction novels at a 7th grade level.