Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Grading for Basic 8 Book #1

Due September 18
Make sure your book is a novel of at least 100 pages, at your own reading level or above, one you haven't read before,  and not on the Do-Not-Read list attached to your assignment. 

Grading for Book #1 of Basic 8  Total:  60 points

Book Review Assignment for Book #1
Must include:

1. Title, Author, Number of pages.  
5 points    (title using capitalization, author using capitalization, # of pages)

2. Setting (place and time) and a list of important characters).    About Time Setting
   5 points place, 5 points time       10 points for characters and descriptions
   Give details for each, as much as you can.  Give both general and specific place settings. 

Note: Place can be a specific (proper noun) type of place, such as New York City or Boise, Idaho, or it could be general (common noun) such as at the main character's house in a small town, at his school, and at the city park. 

3. A brief summary of the book read (The summary must be of    
the book from beginning to end, but you may --and should -- leave out major spoilers since it will be read by others who haven’t yet read the book.). 1 to 2 paragraphs
15 points  beginning to end, effective summary, leaves out spoilers

4.  Rate the book on a scale of 1-10 .  (1 being “I would not recommend this book”, 10 being “It was the best book that I have ever read”.)  You also must include the reason why you give it the score that you do.   1 +4 = 5   (1 point for rating, 4 for explanation)

5. Some kind of connection to the book: 2 paragraphs   
Text to text: Connect the book to another piece of literature that you have read.
Text to self: Connect the book to yourself in some way.
Text to world: Connect the book to something that is going on in the world.
10 points -- paragraph, paragraph, clear connections -- Be specific about what you are connecting to what and why.

overall effectiveness, other issues --   up to 5