Friday, August 24, 2012

August 29/30, Wednesday/Thursday

  • You should have already set up your Edmodo account. 
  •  Don't forget to answer the poll on Edmodo:
  • You should be reading your novel for the Basic 8 -- the required book assignment.  See the handout or the assignment on Edmodo.
  • Happy Birthday, Brynn S. and  Kolby Enosa!

1. iRead -- Individual Reading
      Fill out your reading log.  [Teacher Check]

2. iWrite:    
 August 29 or 30, 2012          

Prompt: A Pet
    Have you ever had a pet you really cared for? Why do/did you care so much about that animal? What is the best memory that you have of your pet? (If you have never had a pet, write about the type of pet you’d like one day. Why that animal?)


3. iWriteRight: Capitalization  
     For what reasons are words capitalized in this passage?

     "Old Shep, My Pal (1)  is a timeless classic!" roared the teacher.  "It won the Gunhold Award (2) ! It was my favorite book growing up.  Everybody loves it."  He turned to the rest of the class. "Right? (3) " . . .
      I said, "I knew Old Shep (4) was going to die before I started reading page one."
     "Don't be ridiculous," the teacher snapped.  "How?"
     "Because the dog always dies."  . . . "What happened to Old (5) Yeller?"
      "What about Sounder?" piped up Joey Quick.
      "Don't forget Where the Red Fern Grows,"  I put in. "The (6) double whammy -- two dogs die in that one."
No More Dead Dogs by Gordon Korman, pp. 4-5
       [Ms. Dorsey adds, "And in The Call of the Wild, more dogs die than in those other dog books combined!"]

Reasons to Capitalize: 
  • Titles
         -- books
         -- songs
         -- TV shows and movies
         -- poem
  •  First word of a direct quotation
         -- dialogue

         -- quotes from other works when it's the entire sentence

About italics:  Italicize book and movie titles and television shows -- titles of something that is big (the whole enchilada), not just a poem or short story or one episode of a TV show.    


4.  iGo  to Computer Lab --

Students will receive computer numbers. 
Bring your book and planner and a pencil to the computer lab.

In the computer lab, watch, read, and listen for directions.
Work on  an introduction to MY Access.
Take the Scholastic Reading Inventory.  (Must be done at school.)
We will finish these next time we are in the computer lab. See the handout with step-by-step instructions.