Wednesday, August 29, 2012

September 11/12, 2012 Tuesday/Wednesday

Check the seating chart. There are a few changes.
1.  Individual Reading Time (or -- today only -- quietly finish your commonly confused words poster) -- 10 minutes

2.  Computer lab 211 to take the district writing test.

We will also finish the SRI (reading test) and finish your MyAccess assignment from August 29/30.
If you have extra time, you may quietly read or finish your poster. 

SRI and Lexile Levels

  • Make sure you're caught up on your composition book entries.  See the tab for Assignments above for a list of the entries you should have.   We'll check them on September 13/14  -- this week. 
  •  Are you reading a novel for the first book report of your Basic 8 assignment -- Due September 18?  This is an Edmodo assignment.   

    Grading for Basic 8 Book #

  • Sign up for your book for Basic 8, Book #1! The sign-ups will be passed around again today.
  • If you are absent, check this blog for posts about the day(s) you missed.  Also, the tab for Assignments is helpful 
  • We'll send in another book order this Friday, the 14th, so if you're interested, get your order in, either online or turned in to Ms. Dorsey with a check.