Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 31/September 4, 2012 Friday, Tuesday

Have a Happy Labor Day on Monday, September 3!

On September 4, we will begin using the school schedule WITH CaveTime.

 Tuesday – Friday w/ CAVE Time
Time Period Minutes
8:15 – 9:30 1st Period 75 minutes
9:35 – 10:55 2nd Period/Announcements 80 minutes
11:00 – 11:30 CAVE Time 30 minutes
11:30 – 12:00 First Lunch 30 minutes
12:05 – 1:20     3rd Period  if you have 1st Lunch 75 minutes
11:35 – 12:50  3rd Period  if you have 2nd Lunch 75 minutes
12:50 – 1:20 Second Lunch 30 minutes
1:25 – 2:45 4th Period 80 minutes

August 31/September 4

  1. Are you reading your Basic 8 book #1? 
  2. You may finish the Paragraph assignment on MyAccess, but DO NOT begin the other prompt that is posted there.  It is a district test that we will take during class.  If you open it before that, you may no be able to take the test and will receive a zero on the grade. 
  3. Next/This  week we begin Cavetime.  See the Cavetime Schedule (above on this post). 
  4. Hope you have/had a Happy Labor Day on Monday, September 3!
  August 31, 2012 /  September 4, 2012
Pick up your composition book/Reading Log.

1. iRead  -- Be on task,  and fill out your reading log.  If you have been absent, check in the bottom wire basket for your class, then, if one is not there, ask for a make-up reading log.

2. iWrite --
 Socioeconomic Gap     August 31, 2012/ September 4, 2012
In The Outsiders, there is a gap between two cliques. The Socials seem wealthy, and the Greasers very poor. Think about your family’s lifestyle. Do most of your friends have similar backgrounds, or are some much more wealthy and some much poorer?   Explain.

3. iWriteRight   in your composition book
Title Capitalization and copy these reasons to capitalize. 

4. iLearn  -- The Outsiders    
Setting, Character, Plot  -- Characters:  See the bottom of this post.
We did a character portraits activity.
         A1 -- Page 6 - Page 11 at the top  (19:57)
         A3 -- Page 6 - Page 8 halfway down (14:48)
         A4 -- Page 6 - Page 11 at the top (19:57)
         B7 -- Page 6 - not read today
         B8  -- Page 6 -Page 9, after 2nd paragraph (16:24)
5.  Your Basic-8 Book Assignment
Basic 8 Reading Assignment 1.doc  Due September 18

         1) Title, Author, Number of Pages
         2)  Setting (place and time) and a list of important characters
         3)  A brief summary of the book, beginning to end, leaving out spoilers.
          4)  Rate the book and explain why.
          5)   Make a connection to the book. (to self, to world, or to another text)

typed, handed in on Edmodo

Grading for Basic 8 Book #1


You will create a chart in your composition book for some of the main characters, and fill it in as the narrator describes each.

Today we filled in part of this chart.  If you are absent, see a classmate for the information filled in by your class, or read the book up to the page indicated above for your class, and fill in your own information.
Characters in The Outsiders
Character’s Name
Description (age, looks, personality, etc.)
Darry/Darrel Curtis

SodaPop Curtis

Two-Bit Mathews

Steve Randle

Dallas/Dally Winston

Johnny Cade

Narrator/Ponyboy Curtis

How do we learn these things about the characters?
  • What the narrator says
  • What other characters say about him
  • What the character says
  • What the character does
  • What the character thinks