Monday, August 20, 2012

August 21/22, Tuesday/Wednesday

Welcome to Theater 206:
Now taking you back to the 1960's when S.E. Hinton wrote The Outsiders
Important Vocabulary:
Background Knowledge (also known as schema): what you already know -- Before you read a novel or other text, it helps to think about what you already know, and perhaps to find out more about the subject or setting, so that you will understand the book or other text  better. 

Realistic Fiction/ Life Problems Fiction   The Outsiders is a work of realistic fiction because the story it tells could really happen.  Even though the time setting of the book is  fifty years ago, the same sorts of things could happen today.  It deals with problems people have in life such as the death of  family members or friends and   tensions between the rich and the poor.

Setting (in a work of literature):  where and when the story takes place -- The novel The Outsiders is set in Oklahoma (place)  in the 1960s (time). 

Character (in a work of literature):  a "person" in the book.   In realistic fiction, a character could be a human being, or an animal that acts like animals really act.  In fantasy, a character might be a talking animal or a troll or a mermaid or. . . .

  1.    Watch video clip
  2. Listen to the beginning of The Outsiders
  3.  Write to respond to this prompt:  "Being an Outsider"
    Have you ever felt like you don’t belong? Describe the situation and how you
    felt. Would you change anything to fit in?

  4. Learn more about the setting of The Outsiders -- the 1960's. 
    • A3 got to the madras shirt 
    • A4 haven't watched the PowerPoint yet
    • B3 got to the last of fashion 
    • B4 got to music
  5. Receive your disclosure document for this class.  Take a brief quiz on it.
  6. A2 received planners in their other classes.

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