Wednesday, August 29, 2012

September 7/10, 2012 Friday/Monday

Are you reading a novel for the first book report of your Basic 8 assignment -- Due September 18?  This is an Edmodo assignment.   

Grading for Basic 8 Book #

Sign up for your book for Basic 8, Book #1! The sign-ups will be passed around again today.
If you are absent, check this blog for posts about the day(s) you missed.  Also, the tab for Assignments is helpful 
To Do: Pick up your composition book and reading log.  Begin quietly reading your novel. (Composition book check this week!)

1. iRead and fill out reading log. 
          Are you prepared and on task?

2. iWrite  (We will check your composition book for a grade in class on this Thursday and Friday, September 13/14. Catch up if you need to.  See the tab aboe for Assignments.)
Place Matters—Setting  September 7/10, 2012
Describe your favorite place. Why is it your favorite? What happened there? Is this place in the past or present? (Lots of details, please!)

3. iWriteRight/ iSpellRight  
Finish your mini-posters for your Commonly Confused Words, if needed.

4. iLearn  -- The Outsiders    
Setting, Character, Plot  
In what ways do we learn about a character? 
How do we learn these things about the characters?
  • What the narrator says
  • What other characters say about him
  • What the character says
  • What the character does
  • What the character thinks 
   Setting: What settings have we seen so far in The Outsiders?
General/Overall and Specific

Setting in The Outsiders:  
"Hinton modeled the book's setting on her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, although she never refers to the city by name. The novel is most likely set in the mid-1960s, the time period during which it was written, although, again, Hinton makes few explicit references to external historical events that might fix the book in time."  --
Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1960's

If you are absent, catch up on this reading during Cavetime or after school, or on your own if you have or can borrow a copy of the book.
             A1 --  to Chapter 2, page 23 (7:38)
             A3 --   to Chapter 2, page 23  6th paragraph (7:00)
             A4 --  to  Chapter 2, page  22, top (4:36)
             B7 --   from page 14,  two-thirds down (26:29) to chapter 2
             B8  --  from page 14, two-thirds down (26:29) to Chapter 2, page 23, top of page  6:33)


5.  Your Basic-8 Book Assignment due Sept. 18
Read a novel, over 100 pages, at or near your own reading level (or 7th grade or over if yours is higher).  Type up this report:
         1) Title, Author, Number of Pages
         2)  Setting (place and time) and a list of important characters
         3)  A brief summary of the book, beginning to end, leaving out spoilers.
          4)  Rate the book and explain why.
          5)   Make a connection to the book. (to self, to world, or to another text) 
typed, handed in on Edmodo
See the assignment sheet and grading sheet for more details. These links may help.